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Pelynt Primary Academy   Week ending Friday 1st March 2024

Posted 02/03/2024
by Suzanne Porter

This week, we started our new enquiry question, ‘Extreme Earth: how dangerous is it?’ The children thought of many interesting questions that they’d like to know based on this physical geography-based line of enquiry. As a starting point for this topic and to gain a better understanding of what lies beneath our feet, the children created a model of the Earth with the layers inside. After learning about the different layers of the Earth, the children worked in a group to explain it to others. They used their models to support them. Many children decided to share this information as documentary hosts and created a short film of their explanations. In this lesson, the children also attached the film to Seesaw and learnt that we can create a QR code of our videos to put on display in class.  

This week in our English lessons, the children have had a poetry focus. They have been using imagery whilst writing poems about volcanoes. Many children have also been trying to use rhyming couplets in their poems too.

In RE, the children learnt about Christianity and how Christians choose to live their lives. The children were reminded of the story of Moses and the 10 commandments and compared these to their own values.

In our art lessons this half term, we have a new focus- printing. In this week’s lesson, the children searched the school site to find items that they wanted to explore printing with. We discussed artists that we’ve learnt about in the past who were print artists and touched on key vocabulary that we might come across during this learning journey.

In our PE lessons this week, we continued our focuses of Tri Golf and tag rugby.

In PSHE, we continued our Healthy Me topic. The children became agony aunts, offering their advice to various scenarios.

Points to remember:
PE on Mondays and Wednesdays 
St Piran’s Day on Tuesday- wear black, white and/or gold

World Book Day on Thursday



Darite Primary Academy   Book Trust Represents

Posted 02/03/2024
by Charlotte Godby

An exciting delivery for our enthusiastic readers!

Just when we thought we couldn't be more excited about the live author event with Joseph Coelho, Jasmine Richards and Sabine Adeyinka who answered our questions, gave a shout out to the school and recommended books for us to read THEN The Book Trust sent copies of their books to pupils at Darite!

Pupils across class 2 and 3 were delighted to receive a book to keep and Class 1 received a wonderful book of poetry by Coelho!

With all this reading excitement, we cannot wait for World Book on Thursday 7th March to further share our love of reading. 


Darite Primary Academy   Spring 2

Posted 02/03/2024
by Charlotte Godby

What is Climate Change?

Class 3 have started their new learning enquiry with enthusiasm. We have started learning about Climate Change, the causes and consequences. Our trip to the Eden Project this half term will help us answer many of the questions that are likely to arise through our enquiry.

Below is our enquiry web for this half term, along with digital copies of the the spelling booklets all groups have bought home. 

As always, we will continue to update with our learning on this page. 


Polperro Primary Academy   Penhallow 1st March 2024.

Posted 02/03/2024
by Karen Taylor

It has been another fun-filled week of learning in Penhallow. The weather being the main discussion point as we continue our search for signs of spring! 

In maths, we have been exploring doubles and had lots of fun with dice, ladybirds, butterflies and double treasure hunts! We have found out that near doubles can help us with our addition and subtraction facts  within 20.

In PSHE, we continued to learn about the importance of staying healthy! We put together a healthy and an unhealthy plate, learning about the important food groups.

In PE, we have enjoyed 2 really fun sessions, learning all about fitness and why it is important and game skills like rolling, kicking, throwing and aiming.

Science this week has been fun, where we dissected a daffodil, learning all about the structure of a plant, the children 'wowed' us with wanting to know more, recognising pollen, the stigma, the trumpet of the daffodil as well as the basic plant structure. Next week we will be starting to grow our own seeds.

We really enjoyed a jam tart snack break on Friday to celebrate the Reception class finishing their level 3 phonics!

Well done to Finn, Kai and Brody for achieving their 22 badges in 99 club this week!

Also a big well done to our 'People of the Week' Martha, Sonny and Darragh for showing super examples of our school values.

Next week is a 'biggie' as we celebrate St Piran's Day and World Book Day!

Attached to the blog this week is this half term's Knowledge Web, outlining all that we will be learning in this half-term, up until Easter!

We hope you all enjoy a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing you on Monday for another great week of learning!

Mrs Taylor, Mrs G, Miss Colton, Miss C and Miss Hodge.

P.S. Remember spoons must be bought into school to be in the World Book Day competition by MONDAY!


Polperro Primary Academy   Friday 1st March 2024

Posted 01/03/2024
by Alice Gibbings

Another week has gone by, and we have continued to explore 'How Can the Force be With You?'. In Science, we have been exploring how materials are suitable for different purposes and describing their properties. In Geography, we learnt about the layers of soil and layers of the earth. In Computing, we made our flipbooks and look forward to planning for our own volcano animations. We had a brilliant music lesson with Mrs Butlin too, as always! On Monday, we had an excellent PE lesson with Mrs Phillips, focussing on Team Building, which required lots of clear communication.

In Maths, Year 2 have continued working hard on Position and Direction, describing movement and turns and creating shape patterns using turns. Year 3 have been multiplying 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers and making links between multiplication and division. Next week, we will be focussing on dividing 2-digit numbers. 

In English, we have continued learning about Traction Man, exploring the use of onomatopoeia and have started planning for writing our own adventure stories! We can't wait to start writing these next week.

Congratulations to Amber for being Landaviddy's Person of the Week. 

Please find below this half terms KIRFS for you to practise and Homework Grid relating to our enquiry. 

We hope you have a good weekend and look forward to seeing you next week.

Miss Gibbings, Mrs Phillips and Mr H


Wadebridge Primary Academy   Spring 2 - Weeks 1 and 2

Posted 01/03/2024
by Kate Clarke

Weeks 1 and 2 - It's "bean" a magical time! 

We've had a great start back to the term and can't believe we're at the end of week 2 already! 


We've been using Jack and the Beanstalk as our text and have been exploring suffixes "ed" and "ing" and how they change the meaning of our words. We looked at exclamation marks and how to use them to improve our writing. We have also used adjectives to make our writing more interesting, for example "a shiny, golden harp" or a "humungous, swaying beanstalk". Next week we will make story maps and use our acting skills to role play the story - we can't wait! 


We finished our learning on addition and subtraction to 20, having used number lines to subtract and add numbers within 20. We learnt how to find a missing number, find the difference between two numbers and now to use the number line to work these out. 

We have now moved on to place value to 50 and we had a great lesson yesterday using tens frame and dienes and rods to represent various numbers up to 50 and then carrying on a sequence by making the following number. We'll build on this next week. 


We continued our learning about "What is a Muslim and how do they live" by learning about the 5 pillars of Islam and what they mean. The children enjoyed learning the new names and we compared how there are some similarities to Christianity and some differences. 

Wider Curriculum

We are answering the question "What's at the bottom of the garden?" this half term and here's what we've done so far: 


We started off by experimenting in our sketchbooks with different types of sketching pencils, making different lines and marks and using our fingers to blend and create different effects. We then tried doing the same with coloured pastels and oil pastels. We then chose just 2 colours that complimented each other and drew flowers using the skills we had just practiced and blending the lines to create some beautiful spring artwork for our walls. 

This week, we did some printing using fruits and vegetables. Children experimented in their sketchbooks with different shapes of fruit and vegetables, trying to use the matching colour and carefully printing them onto the paper. We also encouraged the children to have a go at sketching some of the fruits and vegetables and were really impressed with their efforts and these are also displayed in the classroom! 


We learnt about the different parts of a plant, examining a real plant to identify the different parts before drawing these into our science books, adding labels. We learnt some names of different plants and found out where they grow - all over, including by the side of roads! Children then sorted some plants into garden or wild plants. We also explored the differences between seeds and bulbs and how these grow. We're really enjoying these lessons and the children love to learn the new vocabulary! 


We have been discussing internet safety and how to use our devices safely. We talked about what to do if something pops up when we are using a device and read a book called "The Pop Up Gremlins" and they know to "Stop. Close. Tell." We then read a story about "Smartie the Penguin" who has trouble when playing an online game with people being unkind and sending nasty messages. The children talked about it with their partners and decided they would tell an adult. We talked about who those adults could be both at home and in school. We talked about the importance of using devices and that, as we live in a digital world, we are surrounded by computers, we just need to know how to use them safely. 


We are learning how to play handball in PE lessons with DT Coaching and the children have really got involved! We are working on our throwing and catching skills and then using these in game play to play short games of handball where, once they have the ball, children are only allowed 3 steps before throwing it onto another child. PE days continue to be on a Wednesday so your child should come into school in their full PE kit please. 


We sent out an email earlier this week with a list of upcoming events for the next 2 weeks - there is a lot on! 

Tuesday 5th March - St Piran's Day - children to wear black, white and/ or gold. 

Thursday 7th March - World Book Day - children to wear PJs to school, bring a teddy and their favourite book (named please!) 

Library day is Thursday - please send your child in with their library books to change them. 

We listen to children read during the week so please send them in with their book bag and reading packet EVERY DAY so they are able to read with an adult in school. 

Have a great weekend and we'll see you on Monday morning! 
The Year 1 Team


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy   St David's Day

Posted 01/03/2024
by Ruth Smith

Sarah who works in the Nursery is Welsh so we celebrated St David's Day with her today.

We watched a clip about how David became the Patron Saint of Wales (not whales) and some children wore red or yellow clothes to match the colours of daffodils (which are a symbol of Wales) and the red dragon on the flag.

Ruth forgot to get leeks so we didn't taste them at snack but we did have delicious Welsh cakes!

Harlow spotted a red dragon on our castle resources too!


Wadebridge Primary Academy  

Posted 01/03/2024
by Sorrel Beckett

Spring 2 - Week 2 - They've really put their 'Arts' into it... 


In English this week, we continued with our learning journey of recounts, based on the text ‘Shark Caller’ by Zellah Bethell. To begin the week, the children had to examine, justify and provide evidence for a character. They looked at the character ‘Blue Wing’ and focused on her characteristics. They then demonstrated their understanding of her by creating a Top Trumps card. Next, the children took their learning deeper by writing a character description. In the description, the children were looking particularly at the way Blue Wing tackles a challenge. Not only did they have to think about her personality but also her thoughts, opinions, actions and appearance. To end the week, the children then looked at discussion texts… They were presented with the statement: ‘Islands should be encouraged to keep their traditions and should not be changed by visitors or newcomers’ They had to then consider the positives and negatives of visitors coming to the island and write an unbiased discussion. The children were encouraged to use formal language and were provided with sentence stems to support.


In Maths, the children were coming to the end of their Fractions, Percentages and Decimals learning journey. With the children covering a range of new knowledge and skills in their Morning Work of converting fractions, percentages and decimals in such depth, Mrs. Callister combined some of our small steps in White Rose together. This meant the children were able to confidently demonstrate their knowledge and have more time to grapple with problem solving and reasoning questions. The children were then able to demonstrate their knowledge of key instant recall facts for this topic within their end of unit assessments. Our next learning journey we will be exploring perimeter and area!

We would also like to say a huge well done to those children that are accessing TTRS at home. It is incredibly important to maintain fluency in times tables and it’s wonderful to see that the children are still challenging themselves, both at home and in school.

Wider Curriculum

In wider curriculum, we have continued our Art learning journey. This week, the children focused more on the artist Kandinsky and his style of art. The children worked with paint to create geometric and circular patterns. Next, they explored with layer/combing this medium with different materials to create texture within their sketch books. On Friday, they then revisited, working back into their work, making conscious choices and annotating. The development of their sketch books is coming along, and we are beginning to see more sophisticated annotations and feedback given to peers.

Boys Active!

Well, what a wonderful Wednesday!

The boys had the opportunity to head up to the Royal Cornwall Show Ground. Here, they participated in a range of military based activities lead by the coaches at DT sport as well as sports leaders/captains from Wadebridge Secondary School. The children had the opportunity to use their team building skills, unravelling themselves from a human chain and getting themselves in height order or order of their shoe size. They had the chance to play laser tag, using their strategy skills to defend themselves within the course and plan their defensive approach to protect their base. They even had the chance to build fire and make hot chocolate! To end the day, the children then all took part in a military obstacle course, where they had to hop, dodge, sprint and weave between obstacles, before diving under a net and army crawling through the mud. The race was on for this, competing against other schools, teams, adults and even some teachers! We are incredibly proud of our boys and felt they represented WPA well, we all had such a lovely day – Bring on next year when our five’s will be sixes and shall be invited back!

Girls day...

By the sounds of it, the girls also had a lovely day here back at school. In the morning, they buddied up with the year sixes to participate in an egg drop challenge. Mrs. Berridge was amazed that hardly any of the eggs broke, go girls! Next, they used their analytical skills, to measure the ‘ruler drop’ – This is where the children dropped a ruler from a height and had to catch it with one hand. Each time, the girls had to decide what height, speed, etc. and record it. I think it’s safe to say that some of the girls would’ve made Mr. Miyagi proud! The girls then had a wonderful afternoon completing some artwork/sketching in their books based on Year 6’s theme of evolution.

Important Dates:

·         St Piran’s day – Tuesday 5th March 2024 – Children to wear Non-uniform black, white, gold

·         World Book Day – Thursday 7th March 2024 - ‘Bedtime Stories’ theme. Children to wear Pjs and bring a teddy and their favourite book.

·        Parent’s evening – Tuesday 26th March / Wednesday 27th March 2024, please book your appointment on arbor.

·        Wednesday 20th March 2024 – Year 5 children will be performing their music piece to parents lead by our music man Tony at 2:40pm. *Letter coming soon*

We hope you have a great weekend,

Best Wishes,

The Year Five Team


Looe Primary Academy  

Posted 01/03/2024
by Cathrine Pittas

This week, Year 4 have had a great time enhancing their history learning. They took a trip to 'The Box' in Plymouth and combined looking around the museum with a fantastic workshop where they became assistant curators. They were able to handle authentic objects from the Ancient Egyptian period and learn how to look at them and document them accurately. Each group also created a final display of their items and showed the rest of the class what they had accomplished on a mini tour. Back in class, the children have completed a secret mission to help prepare a special person for the after life. Let's just say canopic jars were used... shhhhh!

Thank you to everyone who has managed to book Parent Teacher appointment so far.  I have updated the list and will add it to the door in time for Monday.  Just 9 spaces left!


Polperro Primary Academy  

Posted 01/03/2024
by Emily Randle

Charitable Chaipelers!

Another fun-packed week has flown by!

The weather held out on Tuesday for the Y6s to do their sponsored walk for Marie Curie as part of their PSHE. They walked the equivalent of the 5 mile coastal walk from Polperro to Looe around our Active Mile Track. They did amazingly well and we will send off the sponsorship money to Marie Curie next week! The Y5s are also planning a sponsored event. More info to follow...

We have been finishing off our enquiry into WW2 this week by compiling an assessment of their learning through PowerPoint. The work is amazing and really showcases what they have learnt about the war. Our new enquiry is, "How Does North America Compare to Europe?" We will be exploring the human and physical geography of North America and then comparing an American region with our own. 

Decimals have been the focus for Y5/Y6 this week and we will be moving onto Fractions/Decimals/Percentages next week. 

As part of our enquiry, we are learning about the late Neo-Expressionist, Jean-Michel Basquiat. The children have been looking at a range of his art, selecting ones that they like and explaining why they have chosen it. We are building up to creating our own Basquiat-inspired piece of artwork in the coming weeks.

I have attached this half term's homework grid and KIRFs.

SATs Club
SATs club begins next week for Y6s. 
There will be three sessions per week and a copy of the days and times have gone home with your child in their SATs folders.

Have a lovely weekend and see you all on Monday!
Miss Randle, Mrs Clary and Miss Gilbert.


St Cleer Primary Academy   1st March 2024

Posted 01/03/2024
by Jenifer Kite


Polperro Primary Academy   Talland's Class Blog 1.3.24

Posted 01/03/2024
by Ben Heasman-Langley

Talland's Class Blog 1.3.24

Lots of fun has been had this week!

The year 4's have come to the end of their Multiplication and Division unit - next week - FRACTIONS! YAY!
The year 5's have been learning about decimals. Ask them about tenths and hundredths. Cab they dazzle you with their knowledge?

We've found out that the news paper report we read last week might have been a tad bias and Mr. Bumble isn't as kind hearted as we were first lead to believe. It turns out, Oliver Twist didn't get fed much and all of the orphans wanted more gruel as they were so incredibly hungry. Talland have been interviewing key witnesses about what actually happened when Oliver asked, "Please sir, can I have some more?". 

Design and Technology:
The children have been given their design brief: A toy company, who produce dolls-houses, want to produce a dolls house that replicates a Victorian house. The toys already on the market are very expensive and the toy company want the children's designs to help them reach a younger market. 
We've begun by researching the Great Exhibition of 1851 - ask your child some fun facts about this exhibition. Here's one fun fact: The Kohinoor diamond is the diamond that sits on King Charles' crown.

A huge well done to Harley and Aria for being our mathematician's of the week, Sienna and Isaac for being our reader's of the week and Freddie and Nuala for being our writer's of the week. Also, congratulations to Imogen for being our person of the week! 

Good luck to our runner's today - we hope you have a great time and run your socks off (not literally)!

Please find attached this terms KIRFs and Homework Grid.

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

Signing off from Mr. Langley, Mr. Bishop and Mrs. Hodge.


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy   Getting Creative

Posted 01/03/2024
by Katie Grinsted

Perfect Polar Bear Pictures!

What a pleasure it's been to see Tregantle's sketching technique develop so quickly this week! We have been studying polar bears as part of our 'What do we know about ice and snow' topic and by the end of the week the children were using a range of different drawing techniques to draw some very impressive polar bears! We are looking forward to using these sketches to create 3D models of polar bears using modroc next week.

It's been a week of wonderful writing! The year 1 children have used their story map to write the story 'Poles Apart' and what a fantastic job they've done. Our Headteacher Mrs Cooper was so impressed with the writing that she gave out four headteachers award stickers!
Our EYFS children have made their own story maps for their story 'Faster, Faster.' They have been telling the story so well all week using brilliant expression and actions.

We've also been very busy in maths. The Year 1 children are now experts and partitioning numbers to 50 into tens and ones. EYFS children are all confident in ordering numbers to 10. Great work Tregantle! 


Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy  

Posted 01/03/2024
by Sara Mckillop

w/e 1.3.24

It’s been another fun-packed week in Whitsand class!

The class loved their first orienteering lesson in PE and they worked hard on the importance of working collaboratively to reach the end goal; something they will continue to work on for this unit. The children loved discovering the different puzzle pieces before being like ‘Teamwork Tiger’ to put them together. Can they tell you what the map was of?

In English, we have started our Myths unit of work. The children have loved learning our WAGOLL: Theseus and the Minotaur. They have been creative with their own story maps and actions.

We discovered how Alexander the Great impacted the world in History and enjoyed working collaboratively by using QR codes on the iPad to complete our own research.

In Computing, we have started using Data Loggers - we went round the school and took measurements of Light, Sound and Temperature. They're really clever devices!

Next week, on Thursday, we will be celebrating World Book Day with lots of fun around reading. The children can dress up as a book character. Please don’t go to any expense for this and use things you that the children already have at home.


Polperro Primary Academy   1/3/24

Posted 01/03/2024
by Julie Peat

This week the children have continued to explore farms and where our food comes from and have enjoyed a farm themed tuft tray with real vegetables and cereal!
They have finished our farm animal related craft, creating muddy pigs using their fingers in the paint and handprint chickens.

At story time, we have enjoyed the story "Moo, moo, mooing" and have turned our book corner into the cow from the story.

In Maths, we have continued to find objects that represent the number 3. Some of the children have been using toys such as the train track to create these numbers.

Next week we will be exploring all things related to spring.

World Book Day is next Thursday and the children in on this day are invited to come in wearing their pyjamas and to bring a teddy and their favourite story.

Have a great weekend

Julie and Sarah


Wadebridge Primary Academy  

Posted 01/03/2024
by Helen Divall

Big Nursery have been learning about The Chinese New Year. At circle time Mrs Divall introduced the topic of the Chinese New Year and we talked about who had eaten Chinese food before either at a restaurant or from a takeaway.

The class also tried different Chinese food including noodles, egg fried rice, sweet and sour sauce and prawn crackers. The children tried really hard to use chopsticks although they found them very tricky. The food smelled amazing!! Afterwards we talked about the foods they enjoyed eating. 

The children have played in The Chinese Restaurant in our role play area and carefully looked at the menu and some children took their orders. They have used real chopsticks to help pick up their pretend noodles. The children have also decorated a 2024, Year of the dragon picture, they have also cut and decorated their own Chinese lantern and dragon. We finished off our celebrations dancing with our dragons and lanterns.


Looe Primary Academy  

Posted 01/03/2024
by Rebecca Hughes

Week 2 

Another fab week of learning has taken place in Foundation/Year 1!

In English this week we have started to explore a new story called Lost and Found.

This book fits wonderfully with our current polar theme as it is about a little boy who discovers a penguin at his door and wants to return him to the South Pole. The children have explored the story by watching the movie as a wow moment and then exploring the book and story map in detail. They then worked in teams to sequence the story using pictures. The year one children used time connectives to join the pictures and the foundation children used their phonic knowledge to write key words to match the pictures. The year ones then used the pictures and time connectives to write sentences.

In maths this week the year ones have been exploring subtraction and difference. They have worked really hard and used lots of resources to help them solve some tricky questions. The foundation children have been exploring length, they have been making chains and then ordering in order of length. Yesterday the foundation children had lots of different ribbon to sort, and they ordered these in length sizes too. Today they started to explore height and built towers- whose was tallest?

The year ones have also continued to explore parts of plants and trees in science, they learnt about David and Goliath in RE and discussed being brave, then wrote when they believed they have been brave recently. In PSHE all the children have been remembering how to stay healthy and writing their knowledge down. In History the year ones continued to discover more facts about Robert Falcon Scott’s journey to the South Pole.

The foundation children have been working as a team to collage a polar scene (its wonderful), they have been using hexagon links to make igloos, they have explored the frozen arctic animals and figured out how to set them free, They have been using their observational skills to paint some polar pictures using watercolours, and so much more!

Next week we will continue to be explorers but explore the world of plants!

What a wonderful week!

Have a great weekend

Foundation /year 1 team.



Duloe C of E Primary Academy   Author Visit - David Baddiel

Posted 01/03/2024
by David Hannah

With World Book Day on the horizon, Class 2 and Class 3 had a virtual visit from author David Baddiel. He spoke about his writing process and why he was inspired to become a writer. He went down incredibly well with the children as all of his books have been taken from the school library!


Pelynt Primary Academy   Spring Term 2 Week 2

Posted 01/03/2024
by Abigail Oliver

St Piran’s Day Celebrations Tuesday 5th March
To celebrate this special day, we would like the children to come to school wearing something black, white or gold (no charge). All are welcome to join us in church at 2pm for our St Piran’s assembly.  We will return to school after the assembly to collect belongings.

World Book Day Thursday 7th March
Just a reminder that on World Book Day we would love the children to come either dressed as their favourite book character, or wearing a hat/top decorated with pictures of characters, objects or places in their favourite story. Alternatively, they can wear bedtime (reading) clothes.

The Little Knitters
Elsa, Eryn, Alice and Scarlett have been very busy making necklaces, bracelets, keyrings and bookmarks, which they will be selling on Friday 8th March after school, to raise money for school projects. See their flyer in our newsletter for more details.

Parent Consultations week beginning 25th March
Pre-School appointments are available across the week. Please book directly with Mrs Rickard/Mrs Gravener. Appointments for Classes 1-4 are on Mon 25th March, Tues 26th and Wed 27th. Each appointment lasts 10 minutes. Please email your preferred time ranges to
Monday 3.30-4pm; 4-4.30pm.
Tuesday 3.30-4pm; 4-5pm; 5-6pm.
Wednesday 3.30-4pm; 4-4.30pm.
Please enter via the main entrance and wait in the hall for your child’s teacher. There will be no clubs that week apart from Pro20 Football.

Absence due to illness
A few parents have asked for clarification about when to keep their child off due to illness. Please see the guide on page 3 of our newsletter.

CAP Debt help for families
This week I was visited by Lyndsey from a charity called CAP Debt Help, to discuss how they can help our Pelynt families. Lyndsey says: If you are feeling weighed down by debt, we can help. After calling us on 0800 328 0006, a local CAP Debt Coach will visit you at home to provide emotional support and free help with planning budgets and negotiating affordable payments with creditors. We are also running a money management course at St Martin’s Church, Liskeard on 5th, 12th, 19th and 26th March, from 10am-12pm. To book your place, please click on Money coaching | money management | CAP UK

We look forward to seeing you at our St Piran’s assembly next week. Good luck to our cross country runners at Liskeard tonight!
Kind regards, Abigail Oliver (Head of School)


Darite Primary Academy  

Posted 01/03/2024
by Thomas Whipps

A fun packed week!

It’s been another wonderful week at Darite. The children have been working hard in all their lessons and have bee proudly showing me what they have been doing. Next week we will also be sending home codes for you to share the learning that the children have been doing on our seesaw platform. The children are looking forward to sharing what they have been doing with you all.

This week, KS2 childre were all given two books that were donated from The Book Trust Presents as a thank-you for taking part in their live event. The children were delighted by the stories. 

We have continued our series of special assemblies this week with the East Cornwall Search and Rescue team coming in on Wednesday to talk to the children about their role in keeping people safe when out walking. It was a fascinating glimpse into a job that many of the children were unaware of and we are really grateful to the team for giving up their time to share with us.

“Toasty Thursday” was a great success yesterday, with lots of children bringing in their 25p and enjoyed to warm snack. To quote one child “That was so nice, I’m going to bring in 50p next week to get two pieces!” Those children who won star of the week were also treated to a luxury hot chocolate during this time. It did look very tasty and is a reward we will be continuing. "Toasty Thursday" will continue to raise some money for both school and charities that are close to the children’s heart. The first charity who will benefit will be the Search and Rescue Team.

There are lots of things upcoming in the next week or so and I wanted to remind you of what is happening. Next Tuesday, Class 3 will be visiting Eden as part of their wider curriculum enquiry.  On Wednesday, Class 2 and Year 2 are visiting Cabilla as part of the prize for winning the “Re-wilding” competition last year. Thursday is World Book Day and we are again holding our very popular reading breakfast. Please come in from 8.50 until 9.45 to share a favourite book, piece of toast (or breakfast muffin from Lisa our cook) with the children.

Finally, Friday sees the first “Break the rules day” organised by the school council. The children are able to “break” up to 4 rules from the list selected by the school council for 50p per rule. More details will go out early next week but the children are looking forward to it.

As you can see, there is lots to look forward to as always at Darite. Thank-you for your continued support. Have a fantastic weekend.


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