Brunel Primary and Nursery Academy is a larger than average primary school in Cornwall with approximately 360 pupils on roll. Brunel provides the full range of pre-school care, primary education, and before and after school Kids Club, all on one secure site. Most of the children who join us at two, three or four remain at Brunel until they leave for secondary school at age eleven.

After operating as a stand-alone Academy since 2011 Brunel became part of the Bridge Schools Trust in 2016. The Trust is committed to delivering high quality educational provision across all its 14 academies whilst encouraging each Academy to reflect the individual needs of its own local community. We welcome the additional support and learning opportunities that being part of a Trust provides.

We are situated on a quiet site, away from busy roads yet conveniently close to Saltash Health Centre, Library and Leisure Centre and adjacent to Saltash Children’s Centre. We have an extensive site and are very fortunate in being able to work with children in such varied and attractive surroundings. Both the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 sites have large playgrounds surrounded by trees and shrubs, and the school has its own vegetable plots, chickens, fixed play equipment, separate Early Years Foundation Stage play areas and a large playing field.

Our Cornish school motto is ‘Degemer An Jydh’ which approximately translates to ‘Seize the Day’. We encourage pupils to make the most of all the varied opportunities that attending our school provides and not waste a minute of their learning experiences.

Our pupils are happy and tell us that they enjoy their time at Brunel, with fun learning and teachers and staff who know them and who are always there to help. Our parent and family communications tell us that they are happy with the school, that they feel their children are safe and that the school cares about them. We strongly believe in the whole child and preparing our pupils to be active citizens for life in a modern, democratic society. Saltash is rich and vibrant town and we are proud of our strong community links.

Safeguarding and welfare is intrinsic and essential in all that we do at Brunel Primary. Children are taught the values of determination, responsibility, curiosity, excellence, enthusiasm and creativity. We promote open and honest communication with parents, carers and the professionals who support us.

If you require a paper copy of information on our website then please contact the school office and this will be provided.

Mrs Suzanne Cooper Headteacher

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Anti Bullying Week

Posted: 15/11/2019
Suzanne Cooper

Anti Bullying week 11th – 15th November –Change starts with us!

During this week, pupils and staff have been discussing exactly what constitutes bullying, the effects bullying has on everyone and what we can all do to help ensure that it doesn’t happen.

At Brunel we use the acronym S.T.O.P. to describe what bullying is and what we can do to stop it.

Several    Times     On         Purpose

Start        Telling    Other     People

If someone deliberately pushes you over one day on the playground or thumps you one day on the arm that's not bullying because it happened only once. It's unkind and unacceptable behaviour and will be dealt with but it's not bullying. Bullying is where someone is deliberately unkind or hurts you on purpose on several occasions. This is a really useful distinction for children to understand. The second part of the acronym tells you what to do if you or someone you know is being bullied. Speak to someone - start telling other people. The problem cannot be dealt with if nobody knows about it. We tell the children to speak to a teacher, TA, lunchtime supervisor, parent, relative, other child - anyone at all can help and if they can't they'll know who to pass it on to.


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