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Magical Pop-Up Museum 

This week in year 3 and 4 we have been finalising our letters of persuasion in English. The children have worked hard to write a formal letter to Cornwall Council in the hope of helping to persuade them to save our Saltash Leisure Centre. In the letters, the children have enthusiastically written many facts and opinions to try to sway the Council members. We will be sending our letters once they are complete at the end of the week.


Thank you to those of you that were able to come and visit our Egyptian pop-up museum! The children really enjoyed being able to show it to you. Please see the photos on this post for those of you with work commitments and were not able to make it. Thank you again for the array of creatively wonderful homework…we have been delighted with them!


In Science, the children have rounded off their sound unit by creating a musical instrument with a focus on pitch and volume changing. We were thrilled by the creativity and thought. Can your child tell you where sound comes from and how we hear it?


Thank you for your ongoing support this half term. We hope that the children enjoy a well earned break.


Weekly Update 

Wonderful Things…

When we set our homework task to produce an exhibit for an Ancient Egyptian pop-up museum in LKS2, little did we expect such an amazing response! From a life size sarcophagus, sets of canopic jars and a most mysterious cat to beautiful masks of all sorts of different materials, we’ve had them all.

All the staff in our corridor have been overwhelmed with the variety and care taken to produce such ‘treasures of the tomb’.

Therefore, we would like to invite you to share these ‘wonderful things’ for a walk through our exhibition area on Thursday 21st October at 2.30pm (meet in the Reception area, please wear a mask). We look forward to seeing you then.


Weekly Update 

The Royal Institution Science Show visits Brunel…

For the first time ever and having received a substantial grant to fund a visit, this week we welcomed the Royal Institution’s Science Show to Brunel. We chose the ‘Explosive Food’ show for our school as we thought it’d have something to interest our whole school community from the youngest to the oldest.

To say we’ve been looking forward to it, would be a huge understatement, so we started with a morning of shows for all the children from Reception class to Y6. Wow, it certainly was exciting, full of explosions and surprises! Please ask the children all about it as we’re hoping to inspire the scientists of the future.


Weekly Update 

These weeks are whizzing by…

So, we’ve reached the end of another very busy week in LKS2.

On Monday, it was wonderful to welcome our first guest speaker back to Brunel in what seems like a very long time. Chris Clark from the Wesley Church visited to talk about the wider role of the church and we were amazed to hear the number and variety of groups and clubs on offer. It was of course lovely to see him too, as pre-pandemic, he was a regular visitor to our assemblies.

In art, we’ve had some great results with close observational drawing of an eye, the difference between the initial sketches and the final pieces were really quite remarkable.

Our topic on sound in science has seen us experimenting with altering pitch this week, culminating in making our own panpipes. On the subject of science, we are really looking forward to the visit from the Royal institution next Thursday and we’re hoping that lots of parents and carers can come to join us.

A huge thank you to all those who’ve contributed to our Harvest collection for the Saltash Food Bank, it will be collected on Monday 18th October.

Wishing you all a great weekend!


Weekly Update 

 Sunny days and lots of work…

Apart from enjoying the lovely sunny weather, we’ve managed to do lots of exciting activities in Y3/4.

This week’s highlight in music (for Abba fans anyway…) was some amazing singing along the corridors of Y3/4, as the children enjoyed working with Mr Jane.

In science, children co-operated well in groups to produce a factual TV show to tell younger children all about sound, how it travels and varying amplitude.

 Art this week has been exciting, as we’ve finished our Egyptian Eyes of Horus and have moved on to some close observational drawing of our own eyes, with some fantastic results.

Thank you to all those at home who have been supporting with homework, especially reading, spelling and having a go at the new maths Mental workout books. Each half term in LKS2, we also like to set a piece of homework that allows for a little greater creativity and also for the children to showcase their interests. This half term, we are going to make our own pop-up museum to feature the children’s homework (see photo). We are looking forward to seeing the results.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Weekly Update 

This week…

Has been a very busy week in the corridors and classes of LKS2, as we get to know each other and establish our new classroom routines.

This term’s topic ‘Who were the Ancient Egyptians?’ promises to be an exciting one. We’ve been studying atlases to find Egypt’s place in the world and looking at timelines in history.Art has been fun too, as we’ve been drawing the Egyptian Eye of Horus, complete with glittering jewels and embellishment.

This half term’s PE is football and all its associated skills, as you might imagine, we’re spotting some super skills and talent.

All members of staff in Y3/4 have been delighted with the positive start made by the children and it’s been wonderful welcoming them back to Brunel.

Wishing you all a great weekend!


Welcome to Whitsand Class! 

Hello and welcome back, we hope that you had an enjoyable Summer and are excited to return to school! We are certainly looking forward to get to know our new classes and get stuck in to learning about new topics.

Below you will find overviews for our first units of learning for Maths, English and Theme. In Maths we begin with place value and in English we will be reading and writing a story with a historical setting, linking to our Theme which is entitled ‘Who were the Ancient Egyptians?’. Why not take a sneak peek at what is coming up! 

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