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'Hoppy' Easter Whitsand Class! 


What a fun filled week we have finished this Spring term on! We have been focusing on Salvation and Holy week in RE this term and so ending this topic on Holy Week felt very fitting.


In LKS2, we have had disgusting fun in science by learning about what happens to our food when we eat it…ask your child to explain what we did to you at home! We continued to make our Stone Age outfits in DT and finalised our non-chronological reports about prehistoric beasts in English.


We have been creatively crafting for Easter which has included some cards, a hat and some baking which the children have all really enjoyed and has been a pleasurable and relaxing end this unusual term back for all of the children!


This afternoon, we paraded our Easter hats to St Anne’s and they waved at us donning their own creative Easter bonnets! We exchanged lots of Easter smiles and waves!


The children have all been super at adjusting to the return to school but are understandably very tired…as are the staff! We hope that you all have a restful and EGGciting Easter and will see you all when you return at the start of the Summer term.


Weekly Update 

Whitsand News...

So we arrive at the end of the penultimate (we learnt that word in English lessons!) week of the Spring Term, the clocks are going forward and Easter is just around the corner.


As always in LKS2, we’ve had lots of interesting moments this week, including designing and making Stone Age outfits for teddy bears (see the results next week) and making models of teeth and gums in Science. We’ve even perfected our Mexican waves in PE, whilst creating dance routines on the theme of Shake, Rock and Roll.


We’ve been grateful for the support from home in researching prehistoric animals to help us write non-chronological reports in English and for helping the children to learn their tables – there have been some amazing results on 99 club recently! Just a little reminder to keep going on Maths Shed, not just because we’re all fiercely competitive and want to win the league but  also because it really does help with maths fluency, so please keep up the good work!

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Weekly Update 

Hello Whitsand!

Well, here we are at the end of week two of our return to school, we’re all adjusting to being together and working in a rather different environment. Whilst it’s been lovely to be back, we’ve noticed a few tired faces and flagging bodies at the end of the day…and that’s not the staff!

Highlights this week have included taking part in Songfest online, which was quite an experience and so different from the last one when the choir actually went to the Pavillions. Also, we enjoyed taking part in Bad Hair Day for Comic Relief and as you can see the results (opposite) were rather alarming!

Finally, a little reminder, please could you remind children to bring trainers in on Mondays and keep them in school all week for PE lesson and to allow us to get out and about weather permitting.

So, have a lovely weekend everyone and enjoy a well-deserved rest!

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Weekly Update 

Welcome Back Everyone!

At last, after what seems to have been such a long wait; we’re finally together again and enjoying being back at Brunel. Although we’ve obviously been working hard in class, there has been such a lot of catching up to do in terms of meeting friends, playing together and just having fun.

In a year that has really brought science to the fore, it was fitting to celebrate British Science Week by watching a fascinating lecture all about DNA. We’re hoping that this year’s theme, ‘Innovating for the Future’ will inspire some of our pupils to become scientists, so we’ll be looking out for star scientists in the years to come.

Finally, from all the staff in Y3/4, we’d like to say a huge thank you for all your support especially over the last few months, whether working at home or at school. We know it’s been a challenging time to say the least but it’s been made so much easier and more pleasant by your kind comments and messages.


Wellbeing Week: Guided Meditation 

Relax and enjoy...!

We can't wait to welcome you back to school this week - we have really missed you all! As much as it is exciting to see all your friends and teachers again, we understand that you may be nervous about another big change. To help you out, this week we will be doing some activities that can help you feel more at ease and ready to face anything! Listen to Mrs Swabey reading aloud the guided meditation text called The Magic Shell - you will find it in the files section on Teams. You will have a guided reading lesson based on this, but can use the recording whenever you feel you need to.


Weekly Update 

Dydh da (Deth da), Good Morning Whitsand...
Gool Peran Lowen!

As you might imagine this hasn’t been quite the week we were expecting, with most of us working at home and just Mousehole class in school.

Nevertheless, it has still been such a productive and interesting week with World Book Day, when we had fun decorating potatoes as book characters and enjoyed watching a live presentation by the author, Helen Rutter telling us: ‘How to make everyone laugh’. Your World Book Day-inspired shadow artwork was really exciting to see too - check out some more below...

This was followed closely by our special Cornish Saint’s day – St Piran (Sen Peran) and celebrated by the ‘Trelawney Shout Out’ live on Teams. Kernow bys vyken! (Cornwall for ever!)

So, as we creep ever closer to next week and when we’ll all be together again, we shall finish today with… Dha weles (pronounced tha well-es in Cornish) see you all soon! 

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World Book Day Quiz - with prizes

Can you guess the Secret Reader? There are 37 - yes, 37! - members of staff hidden behind their books! This is seriously tricky stuff but there will be prizes!

Even more of a treat, is that if you click on each picture, you will be taken to an online reading of the story, some activities or a linked video!

Hand in your entries by Friday 12th March for a chance of a prize!

Quiz and entry form below... Good luck!

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Learning Grid w.b. 1.3.2021 

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Weekly Update 

Great News! 

Well at long last, we know that we’ll all be together in school again from Monday 8th March and all the staff in Y3/4 are so looking forward to it. We’ve some fun activities planned and can’t wait to get started.

Both groups of learners (in school and at home) this week have once again surpassed themselves, producing lots of work to be proud of. History taught us about beliefs from the Stone Age to the Iron Age and we’ve started a new DT project to produce a Stone Age necklace, so watch this space… This is not forgetting our poetry unit, starting with the Ning, Nang, Nong poem that gave us such a great laugh as we tried to read some real tongue twisters aloud. We had great video proof of performances at home too, so now we know (as if we didn’t before…) what talent we have in LKS2!

Also, after such a wet and windy half term, we’ve been thrilled to see a little sunshine and it feels like Spring is just around the corner. If you’re out walking, do check out Coombe Woods for you’ll be able to see the daffodils in bloom, lots of which have been planted over the last few years by Y3/4.

PS Don't forget that next Thursday (4th March) is world Book Day, so have your potatoes at the ready!


Welcome Back! 

Welcome to the New Half Term 

Hello everyone, welcome to the second half of the Spring Term and we're all hoping that it won't be too long before we'll all be together again. We hope you've had a good break and that you managed to get out and about, despite the ghastly weather!

Here is our new learning grid for this week, it's only for four days, as today (Monday) is a staff training day, so we hope you'll enjoy having a go at these exciting activities. 

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