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Home Learning Grid 18.1.21 

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Online Learning - Teams 

Good afternoon, everyone!

We have been exploring on Teams today, as hopefully you have been too!

Here are some things to note:

~ You need to sign in each morning through the Teams app on your device or on the website
~ When you login, you’ll see the latest activity that has happened in your team
~ Click on Chat and you’ll see the General chat page – you’ll see any messages from your teacher here, as well as links to the Assignments
~ You can also click on Assignments and see all the work we need you to do that day.
~ Here are some videos to show you how to send your work back to us through the Assignment

On a PC: (282) Handing in an Assignment on Teams Student - YouTube

On mobile device: (282) Microsoft Teams Assignment, How students can attach homework - YouTube

We will message you on Teams tomorrow in the morning to tell you what work is set for the day and we will also advise you what time we will be doing a ‘live’ catch up to see how you are all getting on! Any issues, please email us and we will try to solve ASAP!


A Virtual Tour of Year 3 and 4 

As we’re nearing the end of this term, we thought you might like to see some of the wonderful displays of work that the children have helped to produce.


Maths Learning Jigsaw 

Our current maths topic...

Have a look at what we are learning in maths. (Objectives in pink are recap lessons)


Fantastic Fossils! 

We have finished excavating the cast fossils that we made as part of our science unit 'Rocks and Soils'. Don't they look amazing? See if you can spot yours...


Shock News! 

Wolf visits Year 4

This week's English featured a visit by a wolf, not just any wolf but a kind, thoughtful one who'd apparently been tricked by an unkind little girl called Felicity Fur Hood in Coombe Woods!

Now the children will write their own traditional stories with a rather strange twist in the tail (tale)

Ask them to tell you all about it...


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas; 
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring,
Is the carol that you sing, right within your heart!

Whitsand Class has started the countdown...


Look at what we are learning in English... 

At Brunel, we always begin our new English topic by sharing the learning journey to come. This maps out the learning for the children so that they know what is coming and what their end goal and purpose in writing is.

It is also useful for looking back to use knowledge that we have learnt to aid writing. We thought that it would be useful to share the learning journey with parents so that you can also see the steps in your child’s learning and the journey that they go on.


Welcome to Whitsand Class! 

Hello to Whitsand Class!

We are really very excited to be welcoming you all into Year 4 this week!

We can't wait to see you, chat to you and share some really exciting learning with you.

See you soon!

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We Wish You a Merry Christmas! 

Years 3 and 4 took great pleasure in carol singing outside of St Anne’s residential home this week (Between rain storms!). They each sung a carol, then sung Jingle Bells and We Wish You a Merry Christmas together with many staff and residents who were watching from the garden, and their windows. It truly was magical, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

We ended our visit by presenting the residents with personalised bags of handmade Christmas crackers, poems, cards and chocolates.(All in a Covid-safe manner, following government guidelines)

We look forward to visiting again soon, and fingers crossed, resuming the Archie project.


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Our Values...



We are inspired by the awe and wonder of the world.



We are bold and innovative in our approach to find new solutions to the challenges we face.



We are the best we can be.



We take responsibility for our actions in an environment of mutual respect.



We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

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