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Pendower will not Crumble.

Except when it comes to computing and programming.  We used the new Crumble boards for the first time.  We connected them to laptops and used these to program the board itself.  We have managed to control motors, lights and LEDs.  To challenge ourselves we then ran our motor and different speeds, created flashing lights and used loops to help control the various devices that we had connected, sometimes even getting them to do various things at the same time.

In preparation for our Viking day, we have also looked at a Viking village game online.  The BBC Horrible Histories, Raid and Trade game. This is available on the BBC at:

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Pendower see the light.


We have been looking (excuse the pun) at how we see.  We tried to model how light travels, in straight lines, from a source to a target and then to our eyes.  This will build up into how we see colour and creating periscopes.

We have also challenged ourselves with a new online 5 letter word game, Wordle.  Our best score so far has been three guesses with the words created including banal, slump and query.


KS2 Virtual Carol Concert 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from KS2!

Sit back and enjoy this year's Virtual Carol Concert, complete with readings, songs from each year group, as well as performances from the Choir.



Christmas Trees.

A quick trip down Fore Street with the very polite Pendower class was a fantastic way to start the week.  Next time we should just count how many return our greetings of 'Good Morning' and 'Thank you'.  And we even managed to avoid the rain.  Well done Pendower.



Electricity comes round again.

IN the form of finely crafted circuits.

Lighting up bulbs has been this week's high 'light'!

In preparation for a designing our own electricity investigations, we got to grips with the equipment available to use.  Bulbs, wires and batteries etc. we made circuits that lit up, buzzed and moved.  Some had long wires, some had short.  Some had many batteries, some had many bulbs.  There were many designs, permutations and ideas, all of which could be developed into a worthwhile investigation.



Tension in Team Pendower!


Taking part in Maths Week England has been a highlight that began with an online escape room.  Particularly enjoyable was the drawing workshop.  Using only straight lines we created a range of parabola (curves).  Some where symmetrical, some were skewed.  During English we created a story map.  I wonder how many could decipher it?  Science was a blast as we tried creating exploding bottles with various mixtures of vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and effervescent tablets.  A big question was what would happen to a half submerged block of ice.  With it half in cold water and half in the warm air above, we discussed which part of the block would melt first.

The tension within the class came in 

the form of counter tension balances.  As we built a routine incorporating both balances and travelling one group managed to blend together counter balances and counter tension.

Lots of hard work this well, well done.  And a well deserved thank you for the respectful way that you observed Remembrance Day silences.  You did yourselves proud.

Thank you & well done,

Mr K.



On balance, a great week back.

It was great to see everyone back, with the emphasis on everyone!  What a difference a week makes.  We've been busy finishing our English work where we have been creating ancient stories based on Beowulf.   Our new PE focus is gymnastic which keeps us inside and away from the rain.  We have been investigating counter balances.  Next week counter tension.  Computing was a highlight as we looked at using vector drawing.  We used simple 2D shapes such as squares, circles etc. and used these  to create intricate pictures.  

Well done all.

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Happy Half Term!

It seems a little strange to posting this when I have been away but the message remains the same, have a good half term. Posted below are Lydia's thoughts on the 'hacking' we did during our last lesson. If you have anything you'd like posted on our blog, then please let me know via teams. Anything you do, learn or make during the half term, basically anything you do that is pendowerful.



Big News, Pendower Class work in silence!

Cawsand worked almost in silence as a computing lesson takes a most unexpected turn. Having learnt how computers communicate by sending data in small 'packets'. We put this knowledge to the test. We grouped into teams and spread out across the classroom with a different team member on each of the desks in class. Each desk represented a different continent, thus, our team was now spread across the world. Using only iPads and the www. each team created a document detailing how to home and look after a different zoo animal. With no talking aloud, allowed (our team mates were spread across the world after all) communication was all completed via messages sent by the iPads.  Thanks to Aleks and Lydia for the write-up below. 

We also enjoyed a visit from the Royal Institute who gave lecture called, 'Exploding Food'.  And it really was explosive. The evidence is below.



High jumping packets and science.

Insulators and Conductors.

We investigated materials that conduct electricity in an effort to find out which is the best.  We remembered our previous learning to create a circuit with a bulb and used these to test different materials.  We then used an app tp measure just hoe bright the light was.  This helped us to recommend the best materials.

Rain does not stop play.

We practiced field athletics skills inc, throwing and triple jump.  Without doubt the most popular was the high ump and using the Fosbury Flop.

Data packets.

We recreated the internet and, using an agreed protocol we passed messages from one side of the room to another.  We split our messages into smaller packets of data and sent them via routers (our friends in the middle of the room) to the other side of the room according to the address listed at the start of the packet.  As each router could only deal with one message at a time, there was a lot of 'toing and froing'!

A week full of 'Pendowerful' learning.

Thankyou Pendower,

Mr Knight.


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