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Week Ending 19-11-21 


This week was anti-bullying week. To show our support and acceptance of being different we all wore odd socks to school. See the photo of our wonderful collection of colourful oddness. 

The main highlight this week was of the live webinar with author Jeff Kinney who wrote 'The Diary of a Wimpy Kid' books. He answered questions, showed us how to draw some of the characters and gave us an insight into his new book 'Big Shot' and Disney animation. Our favourite fact was that in Brazil the books are called 'Banana Boy' because they don't have a word for wimpy.

In Maths, we have continued our learning on fractions. We investigated fractions on a number line, mixed numbers to improper fractions and comparing and ordering fractions based on their denominators and numerators. We are becoming experts at converting fractions now. 

Have a great week and I will see you all on Monday.

Miss Burton  


Maths week so far 

Math workshops

Today we took part in two different maths workshops online. 

The first one was called 'Fruity Totals' and the children had to solve the puzzle to find the values of the fruit. The main focus was on which strategies to use to solve it. They had to find as many ways as possible. Once they had discussed this, they had to apply this to other problems. We decided that looking for rows with double fruits first or ones with 3 of one fruit were the easiest places to start. 

The second workshop was called 'Dot to Dot'. For this one, they investigated parabolas and enjoyed experimenting with different patterns and colours. We looked at areas of real life where parabolas are used e.g. suspension bridges and architecture. 

Both workshops were thoroughly enjoyable and well-run by maths experts. Tomorrow, we are learning how to solve yohakus and finding other areas of real life where maths can be used. Keep checking back for more photos. 



How many counties out of the 47 can you name? 
Our winning team remembered 26 correctly!


Week ending 5-11-21 

The end of another busy week learning. 

This week we have been finishing our Saxon legends and writing them up neatly. I can't wait to read them all. I have been blown away by the amazing vocabulary and ideas that have gone into them. 

In maths, we have started our new unit on fractions. We have been focusing on equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions. Next week is maths week so keep an eye on the blog for photos of our activities. 

In PSHE we have started a new unit called 'Celebrating Differences'. This week, we looked at what was normal to us and how this might be different to others. In RE, we finished out presentations on why some people believe in God and others may not. Afterwards, they wrote a paragraph explaining the different views. 

In geography, we learnt all the different counties in England then compared them to Saxon times. We found out that Cornwall used to be West Wales in Saxon times and Plymouth would have been in Wessex. In science, we have been learning about separating materials by evaporation, filtration, sieving and using magnets. For PE, we have started our unit on gymnastics, focusing on partner balances. In computing, we learnt what vector drawing is and the children had fun creating pictures just from shapes and lines on PowerPoint. 

Have a great weekend and enjoy the fireworks!

Miss Burton


Happy Half Term 


As we reach half term, I want to share some of the wonderful learning we have done this last week. 

In history, the children have been learning about Saxon jobs and villages. They used their knowledge to build a village out of blue-tack. Notice how the Chief's house is in the middle and is bigger than the others. They had a water source nearby and used livestock for food, milk, wool and leather. Some children were surprised to learn that they lived in one big room together. 

In art, we have been continuing our sketch book work on illuminated letters and completing our final pieces. They have been experimenting with different patterns, colours, shapes, styles and mediums. I am extremely proud of their creativity. 

In PSHE, we have been looking at age limits on tv programmes, games and films. Once they had learnt what the symbols meant, they were able to offer suggestions about which films would be suitable for which people. 

Our new class story is called 'The Land of Roar' by Jenny MacLachlan. Whilst listening to the story, the children have been drawing pictures and taking notes. They have then used this to help them write a summary of what has happened so far and predict what might happen next. Ask them about is over half term to see if they can remember. 

Have a great half term!

Miss Burton



Ask your child which scene this is from the Beowulf story!


Science Fest! 

We have had a week packed with science fun! After The Explosive Food Show from the Royal Institute, the children were inspired to  create their own experiments about dissolving. 

Some groups decided to see if the water temperature effected how quickly something dissolves and others tested different types of water. They enjoyed testing the reactions during the experiment - especially sparkling water with coffee which foamed up like a volcano. The children planned their own experiment, thought carefully about their variables, collected their own data and formed their own conclusions. The lady from The Royal Institute even came up to see what they were doing and was extremely impressed with their scientist skills and curiosity. 

In English, we have started a new unit in which we will write a short narrative based on the Beowulf story. They will finish the unit, with their own legend , monster and hero. This week, we have been focusing on the features of a legend and sentence structures including parenthesis. They also enjoyed some drama to immersive themselves in the story and created freeze frames to sequence the story. 

In Maths, we have been looking at number properties: factors, multiples and prime numbers. They have been using counters, factor bugs, venn diagrams and many other strategies to help with this. Next week, we will look at square and cube numbers before moving onto division. 

Have a great weekend...Miss Burton


A fun week full of learning! 

Week 4

This week has been fun-packed and full of learning which the children have embraced with full enthusiasm despite the wind and rain. 

In maths, we have been practicing long multiplication. The children have been learning how to multiply 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers and apply this to problem solving. 

In English, they have been finishing their non-chronological reports on their mythical creatures. They have written them up neatly and I am so proud of their attention to detail and presentation. Keep reading the blog to see some examples of their work. Here are some photos of them editing them together and using the working wall to help them. 

In PE, we continued our athletics despite the rain. We set up a circuit in the hall where they could practise the high jump, triple jump, throwing and skipping. In science, we continued our materials unit by testing materials for electrical conductivity. We discovered that silver and copper were the best metals to make the bulb brighter. In French, they have been continuing their learning of phonics - ask them to show you some of the sounds they have learnt. In RE, they continued discussing what Christians might believe about God and where they get their ideas from. In PSHE, we focused on our learning goals by thinking about our barriers to achieving them and helping each other think of solutions to solve them. In computing, we learnt about packets of data and had fun sending messages to each other through a network in our classroom. 

It has certainly has been a busy week!


week 3 

Another fantastic week. 

This week, we have been continuing with our non-chronological reports for our mythical creatures. The main focus has been on paragraph structure and using our plans to draft and edit. We are looking forward to completing our final drafts next week. 

In maths, we have started a new unit on the four operations. So far, we have recapped column addition and subtraction then checked our answers suing the inverse. Next week, we will be focusing on long multiplication. 

In science, the children have been investigating thermal conductors and insulators. They organised an experiment to find out which material would be the most suitable for the lining of a lunchbox. Ask them what they chose and why. In art, we have been continuing our work on illuminated letters by focusing on the borders that were used to frame them. In RE, the children have been thinking about what Christians might think about God. They created God from Blue Tack then thought carefully about the characteristics he might possess based on Christian teachings and Bible stories. In music, the children have been learning to play the glockenspiel to a piece of music. They have been experimenting with the different sounds and notes that can be made. 

Enjoy your weekend and see you next week for more learning fun...


This Week! 


It is the end of our first full week back in school and what a week it has been!

In English, we have been looking at Non-chronological reports about animals. Each child has created their own mythical creature to write their report about. We have been focusing on noun phrases and verbs for description and technical language. Next week, we will look at formal language and paragraph structure before writing our final drafts. 

In maths, we have started our place value unit by learning about numbers to a million and above. The children have been able to order and compare them. Then we looked at rounding and enjoyed using our knowledge to crack some codebreakers. 

We continued our topic about Saxons and Vikings by creating a timeline of English history. This will help us to place where the Saxons and Vikings fit in our chronology. In science, we have been learning about the propertied of materials and the children conducted a science experiment to discover which materials were magnetic, flexible, permeable and transparent. Ask them what they found out! In computing, we have been learning about systems. We focused on different inputs, processes and outputs of various everyday objects. In art, we have been learning about illuminated letters and the children have been experimenting with making their own for their initial. 

It has been a busy week but the children in Seaton have been working so hard and have started year 6 in a fantastic way!

See you next week Seaton...


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