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Spelling booklet 

Please find the new spelling booklet below. The first set of words will be tested at the end of next week (26.1.2024).
Children will bring home a new booklet with them this Friday. 

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Week Ending 12th January 2024 

We have had a great start to 2024.

Everyone has returned with exciting tales of their Christmas holidays and time spent with family and friends. Now the exciting work of school commences once more.

We have kicked off the new calendar year with a unit of English based on the classic novel by C.S Lewis – The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. The children had an immersive experience in our Year 6 breakout room which had been magically transformed into the gateway to Narnia. This experience has fired our imaginations for our new block of writing, which is diary entries. Currently, we are getting to grips with parentheses, formal and informal language and tenses.

Our maths focus has been ratio, and the unit has gone really well for both groups. It has also been a pleasant change from fractions. There is a unit on decimals, percentages and fractions on the horizon, so please, please learn this half terms KIRFS as they are vital to this forthcoming unit.  

We are getting to grips with all things electrical in science. This week’s lesson saw us perfecting our understanding of drawing circuits using the appropriate symbols for the various components. We are looking forward to experimenting with various circuits in future lessons. Watch this space.

Our RE focal point for this term is Islam. We have begun by discovering what we already know or think we night know about this major world religion. We have also discussed what we would like to find out and we will be comparing it to other faiths to see how it is similar and also very different.

Between 17th and 31st January, Barnardo’s will be visiting our two Year 6 classes focussing on the topic - Safer Futures - as part of our  Healthy Relationships Programme (HRP). This programme is delivered by a facilitator who provides age appropriate, healthy relationship messages to the children and young people within schools. The programme covers topics such as:

v    Gender and stereotypes

v    Healthy Relationships

v    Power and control

v    Dealing with conflict

v    Online safety

v    Keeping our bodies safe

v    Safe and unsafe secrets

Please see the attached letter to parents and guardians for more information about these workshops. If you haver any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the Year 6 teaching team.


Key Information

  • PE remains on a Tuesday, so please ensure your child is wearing appropriate kit for this term’s lessons on dance.
  • Maths homework for Seaton Class is due in every Thursday.
  • Reading records are due in daily.
  • Spelling test is every Friday.

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Happy Christmas! 

Merry Christmas everybody! I hope you all have a wonderful festive time with your families and enjoy the break. 

I look forward to seeing you all in the new year.

Miss Burton


Christmas Tree Festival 

Trees Galore!

Seaton enjoyed a rainy but wonderful trip to the Christmas Tree Festival at St. Nicholas and St. Faith Church. The trees were so pretty and imaginatively decorated. Most of the children were able to spot all of the items on the treasure hunt and enjoyed seeing the tree that was decorated by their very own school. We are all feeling festive now. 


Week Ending 1st December 2023 

Welcome to December! We have arrived at final month of the year and the last few weeks of term are set to be busy with lessons, the Christingle service and lots of festive activities.

We’ve thrown ourselves into our new piece of writing based on the traditional tale of Aladdin. Our own versions entitled ‘A Lad In Saltash‘ are well underway and the children are relishing retelling this story in the 21st Century. We’ll keep you update of our process as the last few weeks unfurl.

Our art lessons have been based on the beautifully detailed manuscripts of the past. We have been carefully illustrating our initial in a manner that would befit an ancient Anglo-Saxon text. We are justifiably proud of the work we have produced.

We have moved on from the early Anglo-Saxon era in history to the invasion of the Vikings. Our lesson this week saw us re-enacting the various struggles for power and rule in these lands over a thousand years ago. We had great fun recreating the battles, coronations, strategic marriages and deaths of the kings.

Next week we have Hunt the Issy, we are visiting the Christmas tree display in Saint Nicholas Church and practising our singing for the Christingle service. Watch your emails for all of the details about the festive events taking place.


Week Ending 17th November 2023. 

It’s been a week of weeks – Anti-bully Week, Maths Week and a superb visit from the Royal Institute.

Monday began with an exploration of triangles to start off our Maths’ Week activities. We learned how to tesselate triangles (design a pattern using small triangles) and also how to use triangles to create a 3-dimensional shape (tetrahedron). Our ideas developed as we problem solved.

We have finished writing our WWI poems based on sonnet form using the following the rules: focus on one emotion (fear, love, hope, despair etc), write in iambic pentameter (lines 1&3 rhyme, lines 2&4 rhyme, 5&7, 6&8 etc) and have 8 lines in total. We also started our poems with a rhetorical question - often based on the futility of war. They are incredibly powerful, and the children are justifiably proud of their work.

In art, we have been creating beautiful calligraphy surrounding a capital letter. Our inspiration has come from ancient Anglo-Saxon texts that were illustrated in this way.

Below is an attachment to the weekly spelling booklet that comes home with your child. Spellings are tested every Friday. This week, we are learning the following words: direction, explanation, competition, cautious, especially, appreciate, ancient, delicious, infection, spacious.

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Week Ending 10th November 2023 

Remembrance Week. 

We started the week with a weird, witchy brew and ended it with a very poignant Remembrance Assembly, with a cinema trip and lots of lovely lessons in between.

Monday saw Seaton perform their poems based on the famous three witches in MacBeth ‘Double, double toil and trouble; fire burn and caldron bubble.’ This spooky spectacular was acted out amidst a sinister backdrop which added drama and atmosphere to Seaton’s already imaginative and  unnerving verses.

For the remainder of the week, Year 6 have been learning about the significance of Remembrance Day, its origins and how The Great War impacted so many lives.

This coming week, the children will be studying WWI poetry in order to create their own which will be part of an academy wide project that will take place later in 2024. We were privileged to participate in a Remembrance assembly where Mr Parry played his bagpipes and Mrs Newman’s husband and father came to speak to the school and lead the service.

Maths has seen us working on our fraction skills. We have been grappling with equivalent fractions, fractions on a number line and converting between improper and mixed number fractions. There’s still plenty of fraction work still to come, so making sure the weekly homework is completed for Wednesday will really help with these lessons.

We have been amateur historians this week as we delved into the mysteries and wonders of Sutton Hoo. This Anglo-Saxon burial ground in Suffolk has provided us with a wealth of information about this time period in our nation’s history. The children were intrigued to discover the priceless treasures buried in the largest mound within a full-sized ship and why the remains of a body wasn’t found there.

There’s lots more going on next week including maths week, anti-bully week, the visit from the Royal Institute, the BFA quiz night and Children in Need! 


Week Ending 3rd November 2023 

It’s fair to say that the whole of Upper Key Stage 2 have had a super first week back starting with making wickedly, weird witches brew in literacy lessons and ending their week with the spectacle that was Viking Day.

Using MacBeth’s 3 witches as inspiration, the children have created their own poem based on the gruesome ingredients that might go into a bubbling cauldron. Ask to see your child’s version at next week’s Parent and Teacher meetings; be warned, some of them are stomach churning.

Pupils (and parents) outdid themselves with the costumes that were on display on Thursday for Viking Day. The children looked amazing if slightly intimidating!

We all had a brilliant day completing a range of activities such as: weaving, drawing detailed pictures of Viking longboats, learning how to be effective raiders and traders and understanding ancient runes.

Sprinkle in a smattering of maths, reading, science, PE and French and you’ve got yourself a jampacked week :)


KIRFs: Autumn 2 

New KIRFs for a new Half Term…

KIRFs are Key Instant Recall Facts that students in each year group learn so that they can answer them as speedily as possible. Knowing these core facts to automaticity boosts both confidence and attainment in maths lessons and 99 club. Check out the document below which details the KIRFs for each year group (Nursery to Year 6), as well as a range of exciting suggestions of learning methods and activities.

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End of Half Term 

Half Term!

What a busy half term we have had. We finished this week by writing up our non-chronological reports on our mythical creatures. Here are photos of two of my favourites: The Fire Lizard and the Grimbok. The children have worked extremely hard to present the information neatly and have taken great pride in their work. 

In RE, we have finished the unit by completing a piece of art to show our understanding of the question: Why do some people believe in God and others don't? They have come up with some impressive designs and shown their deeper thinking through some interesting ideas. 

We have finished our class story and found out who the murder was. Some of the children predicted correctly and worked it out towards the end by using the clues. We have some detectives in our midst. They enjoyed it so much that we are going to read another book in the series called, 'Mistletoe and Murder'. 
I hope you all have a wonderful half term!

Miss Burton


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