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What a brilliant week 

11.01.2021 - 15.01.2021

What an amazing week it has been for remote learning and the children in school. Everyone has been working so hard and completing work with great effort. 

This week we have been learning about newspaper reports in English and
co-ordinates in Maths. For our space theme we have been learning about the different phases of the moon and we learnt to draw Baby Yoda by following an online tutorial. 

Here is some of the work that I have been sent from the children learning at home.

Please see the home learning grid for next week attached below. I will see you all on Monday.

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Remote Learning 11/01/2021 

Home Learning Grid

Please find the timetable for next week's remote learning attached below. I will upload the resources and assignments to TEAMs next week as needed. 

Please email me if you have any queries:

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Home Learning 

Seaton class,

We have come to the end of our first week back and who would have thought that most of the class would be learning remotely from home by the end of it.

I must start by saying how incredibly proud I am of all the children for their enthusiasm, flexibility and hard work. Also, a massive thank you to the parents who have helped the children to log in and access work, complete and upload work and some of you are trying to work as well. It has definitely been challenging at times this week as we are all adjusting to this technology and way of working. However, I feel that most people are becoming more confident with is as the week has progressed.

I have tried to catch up with everyone 2 times a day this week, and I hope to continue this next week. Seaton Class will meet up every morning at 9:30 to run through the learning for that part of the day. The children will then complete the English and Maths work at home and upload it to the assignment on TEAMS. Then at 1:30pm, we will meet again to introduce the afternoon session and the learning activity. A copy of the learning grid for the week, along with all the resources, online chat and feedback will be on TEAMS. Please submit any final work through TEAMs if you can as it makes it easier for me to keep track of who has completed which pieces of work. 

Please make sure you log on every day by 9:15 so that you can see what the day holds for you. If you need a login for TEAMS please email me on Well done everyone, have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week. Take care, Miss Burton, Mrs Pickering and Mrs Hooper.


Children In Need 

Seaton class enjoyed their multi-coloured mufti day in aid of Children in Need. 

We joined in with Joe Wicks as he finished his 24 hour PE Challenge. He raised over £1.5 million which is an amazing achievement! During the workout we bounced like bunnies, climbed like mountaineers, practiced our push-ups and star-jumped like the stars that we are.

We definitely needed fresh air afterwards!


PE Lessons 

Seaton have been enjoying their PE lessons, we have been really lucky with the weather.

Since September, we have been learning and improving our athletics skills. We started off by playing rounders where the children were able to practise their throwing and catching skills.

We improved on this by learning the correct techniques for throwing a discus, shotput and javellin. They have also been practising the hurdles and some of them even created 'human hurdles' for each other to jump over!

To improve their co-ordination and jumping skills, they learned about the standing long jump and the triple jump.

They have also practised passing the baton in a relay race and improving their stamina for running after a long summer of lockdown.

Here are some photos of them enjoying the lessons.


Fun Maths 

Seaton class have been working extremely hard in their maths lessons since being back.

We have learnt about place value, negative numbers, number sequences, rounding, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and number properties.

Here are some photos of the children making squares and cubes with blocks. They used the models to help them understand squared and cubed numbers.


Welcome to Seaton! 

Hi everyone, I am very excited to see you all this week and welcome you back into school. I hope you are all looking forward to starting year 6 and seeing each other again. 

I have attached a poster below which is all about me. Please feel free to create your own posters about yourselves to help me get to know you.

See you on Monday,

Miss Burton

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