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Celebrations and festivals 

We have had a busy few weeks for the start of new half term, encountering different festivals and celebrations. Our observational drawings are coming along and the children have been seen talking to each other about the colours they need and the shapes that they can see when the look at the different objects on display.

We explored colours and sounds to link with the experiences the children had with Firework night; the children loved making their own firework pictures and moving to the sounds and music of various firework displays we found online.

We had a quieter reflection for Remembrance day, sitting around a candle thinking about those we love and who look after us. We talked about the different roles others have in taking caring of us and the people in the world, and they made their own poppy to display in Nursery.


Our new focus story 

Our focus story for this half term up until the Christmas preparations is 'Rosie's Walk'; we will be following the route Rosie takes around the farmyard. We will look at the animals that she meets and the functions of the various farm equipment that she passes. 
We will look at the colours of her feathers and link this in with the Autumn colours that we are beginning to see out and about.


Baby photos 

We asked the parents to send in photos of the children as a baby, then 1 year old, 2, 3, and some at 4. We have enjoyed looking at the all of the baby photos and comparing how they look now.

It has been good to see how the children have grown, and we have talked about the things that they did as a baby, and what they couldn't do, and discuss the differences with what they can do now.


Observational drawings 

We have created a space for the children to make some observational drawings.

The object to look at changes each week and we display the children's artwork.

We are building up a display of amazing pictures ... so watch this space!


Story time 

We are building time in to our sessions to share a story with our key children.

This first time, we are sharing our focus story 'Happy Birthday Sam'.

It is beneficial to share stories with young children to develop their love of books, stories and songs. This will help to build their vocabulary which will help develop their reading skills later on. 

For the older children they can follow the story line and talk about their experiences. The younger children like to look at the pictures and some can name things that they see.

It also helps the children to learn how to hold books correctly, turn pages carefully, start at the front of the book and follow text from left to right.

But above all, we have a cosy time building relationships with our key children.


Our focus story 

Our Focus story is 'Happy Birthday,Sam'.

We will be celebrating the birthdays of all of the children as they occur and will be talking about how old they are now.
We will be sharing the story at group time, and having a one to one story time with our key children.

Our learning theme will be 'all about me'; thinking about what we look like, how we have grown and who else is in our family. 


Welcome to Nursery 


 Welcome back to Nursery!

We are pleased to welcome some new friends to Nursery, and refresh friendships with our older Nursery children.

We are settling back in to the  Nursery routines and helping each other to remember where everything goes.

It is lovely to see the older ones helping the new children settle in.


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