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Week ending 22nd October 

A wet, windy but wonderful week!

Hello everyone as we find ourselves at the end of our first half term of this academic year. 

This week we have been doing battle with the wind and rain, trying to get out when we can and still focusing hard on our learning.

Well done everyone, despite not being able to get outside during all our lunch and play times you've continued to work hard, listen to others and respect our school rule, being in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing!

We are well on the way to completing our own myths and legends based on the legendary tale of Beowulf. There have been some excellent examples of charter description and use of specific vocabulary to increase tension, see below.

Startled by a sudden FLASH of intense lightning, Brutus released the purple-faced suffocating prince and lumbered over to the windows and with a frightful slash of his razor jagged claws, every single glass panel was lying lifeless on the splintered terrain of the crumbling town hall.'

This is brilliant L, well done!

As the dense mist and freezing fog descended and enveloped the village Noodo new the battle had begun. The men fought with honour, but it was not enough. With one foul swoop the beastly figure killed two worthy warriors.

Fantastic E, brilliant use of vocabulary to build tension!

Science experiments this week have centered around learning to separate different materials. The children recognised the different ways to separate materials which include having to sieve, filter, evaporate and use magnets. The children worked in small teams when experimenting.

In maths this week we have been subtracting numbers with more than 4 digits that require more than 1 exchange, this certainly got our cogs turning I can assure you! We then moved on to estimating and using approximations, which will take us approximately 2 maths sessions to get through.

Some amazing Art work has been produced over the half term with Mr Parry encouraging the children to create their own illuminated letter. Children investigated the use of lines, curves and colour before creating their own illuminated letter. Amazing artwork, well done everyone!

Have a wonderful half term and we all look forward to seeing you back at school on Tuesday 2nd November.
Take care, Mr A and the Looe Class Team.


Jumping for Joy! 

Week ending October 15th

We began the week with a delve into myth and legend as we began creating our own narrative based on the legend of Beowulf.
The children have produced some excellent work whilst trying to include, similes and personification in their setting and character descriptions.

During math sessions we began learning how to add 4 digit numbers with more than 1 exchange and ended the week adding numbers with up to 6 digits, great work everyone!

In Athletics children used the skills they have been learning and honing over recent weeks to create their own games which had to involve jumping. They then resourced the challenge and taught their game to others. As you can see, a good time was had by all.

Well done everyone, have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you on Monday for our final week of this half term..... time flies when you're having fun!
Mr A and the Looe Class Team!.


More Explosive food show pictures! 


A few more pictures of the superb science show that Looe class took part in this week, please see the blog below for more details.

It was brilliant! Huge thanks to Nerys from the Royal Institution for coming to see us here at Brunel and putting on such a wonderful show!

Please scroll down to find out more about what Looe Class have been up to this week!
Thanks, Mr A.


Week ending 8th October 

That lightbulb moment!

Another great week comes to an end in Looe class. It's been a bit of a science fest this week, with Mr Parry and the children creating their own electrical circuits, with bulbs, buzzers, wires, crocodile clips and even switches. Some excellent opportunities for problem solving and working as part of a team.

This was followed on Thursday by the Royal Institution performing an exploding food workshop and show to all pupils, it was amazing and certainly inspired many pupils to think about a career in science, although it may not all be about exploding food!
Here are a couple of quotes from the children,
"The explosions were brilliant!" L
"Disgusting, but so much fun!" T
"Incredible, I almost fainted!" A

This week has also seen us begin to think about, discuss and record how best to write our own legend, following on from our learning around the Beowulf myth.

This week has seen has seen us complete our place value unit of learning in maths, however not before we bamboozled each other in attempting to learn all about Roman numerals and the specific rules that apply.....mindboggling!!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, Mr Parry, Mrs Newman and myself look forward to seeing you on Monday for another fun filled week of learning!
Mr Arnold.


More, more, more! 

Raving about these reports!

Here are a few more examples of the beautiful work that Looe class have produced this week.

The children have attempted to include expanded noun phrases, formal and technical language, powerful verbs as well as relevant sub headings and clearly defined paragraphs.

Well done everyone, great work, your non-chronological reports are fantastic.

See below for the rest of our class blog from this week, where you'll find more photos and information regarding our learning this week!


Week ending October 1st 

Reports, rounding, running and ............. relax!

Looe class has had a busy and fulfilling week with everyone putting in a monumental effort to complete the their non-chronological reports based upon their own imaginary mythical creature.
As I'm sure you will agree, the results are fantastic with the children using their own flair and creativity to really make their report stand out.
The children have attempted to include expanded noun phrases, formal and technical language, powerful verbs as well as relevant sub headings and clearly defined paragraphs.
Well done everyone, great work!

Maths has seen us round to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10, 000 and we have also looked at recognising and comparing numbers to 1 million!

We have continued to spend our afternoons, learning about Anglo Saxon life, as well as taking part in athletics, completing science experiments and of course learning violins  with our teacher Mrs Bartholomew.

Well done Looe Class, another brilliant week. Enjoy your weekend and we'll see you on Monday.
Mr A, Mr Parry and Mrs Newman.


24th September 

Fun in the sun?

What a great week Looe Class have had, and it to top it all off we've had plenty of sunshine to enjoy too!

This week has seen us continue to gather ideas, technical language and report writing techniques as we build up to writing our non chronological reports next week, watch this space for some amazing examples next week!

In maths we have learnt about numbers up to 100,000 and beyond, comparing them and using our rounding knowledge to round given numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000, brilliant work.

Also, everyone has had a go at Exercise 1 (some of you have done 1,2 and 3) in our maths homework books, well done to you all. Remember if you're finding too easy (or too hard), just let me know. 

In Art over the last week or so children have been using line, shape and colour to represent their feelings as they began life in Looe class and how they feel now. Reading the sentences below, can you match the picture to the description?" 

"I used red and blue in my abstract drawing because at first, when I was eating breakfast before school, I felt anxious and worried. Once I had got to school I felt calm and confident (blue)!"

"I used pink to show that I was feeling shy. I used wavy lines to show that I was calm and relaxed."

Well done everyone for a great week, have a brilliant weekend and I'll see you next week.
Mr A.


Friday 17th September 

Wonderful work, cracking class!

Well, what a week we have had in Looe Class. Our first full week back in school and the whole class have been superb!
The first full week back is always a tiring one for the children (and staff) but we have achieved a great deal over the past few days.

In English we have learnt to use expanded noun phrases, some powerful verbs and some amazing tier 3 subject specific technical vocabulary to help describe our mythical creatures. 
All this learning will culminate in the children producing a detailed non chronological report based on a imaginary mythical creature of their own creation in the coming days and weeks.

Maths has seen us get to grips with rounding to 10, 100 and in some cases 1000, and using our knowledge to reason and problem solve in small groups, Great work everyone!

Our afternoons continue to be full of variety and learning. From Anglo Saxons, to properties of materials to whole class violin lessons and then honing our athletics skills in PE.  A great week everyone, well done!

Have a great weekend Looe Class, and we'll see you on Monday!
Mr Arnold & Mr Parry.


Welcome back! 

Hello and welcome back everyone. It's been great to see everyone this week and what a fantastic class Looe Class is!
This week has seen us start our English learning around the story of Beowulf, linking in with our theme work this term around the Anglo Saxons and Vikings. We have all enjoyed watching the BBC Teach videos that help explain the story.
In addition, we have began our learning around place value in Maths, as well as enjoying our first violin lesson with Mrs Bartholomew. 
It's been a great week, well done everyone, looking forward to seeing you all on Monday, have a great weekend.
Mr Arnold.


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