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Eggcited for Easter!

Well done everybody, we have all made it to the end of another term, and what a term it's been. Learning in school as well learning at home through Teams, it really has been a term like no other.

We have shared an enjoyable week, completing our Computer game reviews, (see pictures) spending more than a fraction of our maths time on fractions and moulding papier -mache models of the moon!

Of course, the week wouldn't be complete without time being made for further advancement of our cricketing skills (spot the ball competition in the photo opposite) and of course, seen as it's Easter, the design and making of Easter cards, they are all cracking!

Couple of Easter jokes (or should I say yolks) for you, I think they're eggcellent!

Why did the Easter bunny have a hat on?
Because he was having a bad hare day!

What did one Easter egg say to the other?
Heard any good yolks today?

Have a wonderful Easter time everyone, don't eat too many eggs and enjoy some time outside with your family.

See you all soon, Mr Arnold and Looe Class Team.


Asteroids approaching! 

Gaming, cricket and much more!

Another fun filled week comes to close, well done Looe Class.
We have spent some time in English sessions this week playing computer games, yes that's right, we played computer games on the iPad, but all in the aid of research, obviously. 

In English sessions we are learning to write a computer game review and so we have all played the 1979 classic arcade game Asteroids, I think I enjoyed this as much as the the children, took me back to my Acorn Electron days! Looking forward to sharing some wonderful reviews on this class blog next week.

The children have continued to make progress in their cricketing skills, moving from bowling to batting this week. We have also used our understanding of physical and human features to find life within the school and grounds of Brunel Primary. We used hoops to isolate a particular area to help us focus on our observations. We then used Venn diagrams to help classify our findings and created bar graphs to help show our results.

Have a great weekend everybody, see you on Monday!
Mr A and the Looe Class Team.


Bad hair, bad jokes, great day! 

Wonderful week, wonderful hair?

What a wonderful week we have had, the sun has shone outside and you have all shone inside the classroom with your fantastic learning behaviours and efforts in all aspects of learning this week.
From developing our bowling and cricket skills in PE, examining how attitudes to space exploration has changed over time in history and completing our Time travel stories in English sessions. What a week, full of variety and fun! 
Talking of fun, it's been Comic Relief today and we have all enjoyed celebrating our 'bad hair' and telling jokes all day long. As you all know, I need no assistance in having a bad hair day, or indeed telling bad jokes!

Thanks everyone for a great week, looking forward to doing it all again, starting on Monday (perhaps without 'bad' hair, I'll do my best!)
Happy Weekend!
Mr A and the Looe Staff Team.


Welcome back! 

Nice to see you, to see you nice!

It's been wonderful to be able to welcome everyone back to school this week, it really is great to see you all. 
We have spent this week conducting a variety of science experiments and testing hypothesis. Making sundials to show how the sun moves across the sky over the course of the day and exploring how light can help create an optical illusion. 
We've also got back to some whole class maths learning, this time with fractions. The children have enjoyed learning together, creating fraction walls and furthering their understanding of equivalent fractions. Don't' worry everyone, more from the wonderful world of fractions next week!! 

Have a great weekend and I'll see you all on Monday!



World Book Day Quiz - with prizes!

Can you guess the Secret Reader? There are 37 - yes, 37! - members of staff hidden behind their books!

This is seriously tricky stuff but there will be prizes!

Even more of a treat, is that if you click on each picture, you will be taken to an online reading of the story, some activities or a linked video!

Hand in your entries by Friday 12th March for a chance of a prize!

Quiz and entry form below... Good luck!

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See you on Monday! 

Back to school - March 8th - HURRAY!

Hello everyone and well done for another fabulous week of learning, whether it be at home or at school.

World Book DAY was great fun and we all enjoyed playing 'SHOW US YOUR SPUDS' on teams. Here are just some of your wonderful creations! Click on the document below to see more of your super spuds"!!
Don't forget to have a go at the Brunel's secret reader quiz!

So, the time has finally arrived! We are all looking forward to seeing you back in school with us on Monday March 8th.

It will be lovely for us all to be together again. Emails have been sent to your parents giving information around start and finish times, please read these if you can.

Just like it was last term (before Christmas) we will be in our own class bubble, come onto the playground at 8:45am and line up with your friends in the usual place, I'll be there to greet you.

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you ALL on Monday!

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Welcome back! 

Hello everyone, hope you all had a great half term break and found the time to rest and relax a little.

It's been lovely to see you all again this week, either in school or through Teams and I know that we are looking forward to being back in school together on Monday 8th March. Our beautiful daffodils are in full bloom ready to welcome you back to Brunel!

We've made a great start this week on our travelling through time narratives, and you have picked up where you left off in your maths learning, another week on measure, perimeter and area and then we get to start our learning on fabulous fractions!!
The learning grid for week commencing 1st March is below.

WORLD BOOK DAY is next week, Thursday 4th March. Don't forget to dress your potato as a book character, can't wait to see them all!
ST.PIRANS DAY is also next week, Friday 5th March, we will be singing Trelawney as part of the Trelawney shout, so get practicing!

Take care everyone and have a good weekend, think the sun is going to shine so make the most of it!

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Half Term holidays, here we come! 

What a strange half term it has been, we were all in the classroom on Monday 4th January, and the very next day, you were at home and I was here in school without you. Teams has provided us with a way for us all to still be together, and the way that you have ALL engaged in this has been fantastic!

This week has seen us complete our space poems and share them with one another, including here on our class blog! There has been some excellent work here, with a keen eye on ticking everything off the success criteria, well done everyone, great job! 

In art sessions this week Mr Parry and the children and have been using mixed media to create the milky way (not the real one, or the chocolate version), some fantastic work has been produced.

It has been e-safety week this week and therefore we have spent time with the children discussing not only how to keep ourselves safe online, but also online etiquette, and how we need to present ourselves whilst taking part in meetings and learning sessions online.

And to top the week off, the children (in school and at home) have viewed a question and answer with author Michael Morpurgo, what a week!

Have a wonderful half term break and I'll see you on TUESDAY 23rd February at 9:30am via Teams as usual!

A copy of the learning grid for our first week back after half term is below.

Take care, Mr Arnold and the Looe Class Team.

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Week ending 5th February 

We've seen the light!!

Hello everyone, I can't believe that we have come to the end of another week, and what a week it's been!

We have started to think about writing poetry this week with a focus on figurative language, ensuring we use similes, metaphors and personification. We will be honing these skills next week and will begin to plan and write our planet poems. Watch this space for some out of this world examples!

We have completed our Maths learning around multiplication and division this week and I for one am looking forward to moving on to area and perimeter from Monday.

It has been children's mental health week this week, which has given us the opportunity to listen to and watch assemblies and videos around this important subject. The children have taken part in games activities throughout the week that help highlight the issues involved and show how we can help mange our own mental health.

We've also managed to fit in a science investigation too, exploring and learning about how light travels. The children worked well as a team as you can see from the photos. Well done everyone.

The Learning grid for next week is below, have a wonderful weekend and the Looe Class Staff team look forward to seeing you all on Monday.
Mr Arnold.

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Week ending 29th January 

The end to another great week!  

Hello everyone, what another busy and productive week it has been. 
You have all worked fantastically hard and have produced some brilliant newspaper reports, one of which you can see here.

In addition to attending our 3  online lessons every day you are also handing in assignments with growing regularity, well done!

This week we have multiplying and dividing in our maths sessions, writing up and editing our newspaper reports and in RE, we have been looking at the Darwin's Theory of Evolution. You have researched how animals evolve and have been comparing the Big Bang theory with the creation story, interesting and thought provoking stuff!

Have a wonderful weekend, and if you get a chance, have a look at the RSPB website and see if you can take part in the Big Garden Bird Watch 2021, I'd be interested to know what you see!
As always, a copy of our learning grid, giving you a flavour of what we will be tacking next week, (1st February) is below. Take care everyone, Mr Arnold and the Looe Class Team!

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