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This week has been out of this world!!

Hello everyone, just a quick update on what we have been up to this week.

From identifying and using modal verbs, to multiplying 2, 3 and 4 digit numbers as well as practicing a variety of art techniques to create space art. We have discussed and analysed the phases of the moon, and sorted space facts from fiction. we even managed to fit in some  virtual PE!

It's been another busy but rewarding week.
Well done everyone for persevering and engaging so enthusiastically with Teams, it's been wonderful to see and learn with you all.

See the learning grid for w/c 18th January below. 
Thanks everyone, have a lovely weekend!

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Hello Looe Class and well done! 

 So, we have come to the end of our first week in Lockdown, and what a week it has been with the vast majority of Looe Class pupils learning remotely from home.

On the whole, this seems to have gone quite well, although we know that for some of you the technology and general accessing of Teams has been tricky.

We are hoping that there will be less teething problems next week, but please, we would appreciate your feedback to help us improve the home learning experience for the children. Feel free to email me.

We’ve tried to catch up with everyone 3 times a day this week, and we hope to continue this next week. Looe Class will meet up every morning at 9:30, this will be to either introduce spelling words, go through the home learning grid or start the English task. At 11:15 we will come back together in our maths groups to work through the Whiterose maths learning resources. Then at 1:30pm Mrs McIntyre will introduce the afternoon session and the learning activity.

A copy of the learning grid for the week, along with all the resources, online chat and feedback is on TEAMS. Therefore please make sure you log on everyday by 9:15 so that you can see what the day holds for you. Please submit any final work through TEAMs if you can as it makes it easier for me to keep track of who has completed which pieces of work. If you need a login for TEAMS please email me on

Well done everyone, have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week. Take care, Mr Arnold, Mrs McIntyre, Miss Sleep and Mrs Rowlands.

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Writing competition 

Hi everyone, please find attached some information regards a writing competition. If you'd like to take part have read through the attached documents and then email any entries to me. Thanks everyone, Mr A!

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Happy Christmas from Looe Class!

Please click or copy the link below into your web browser to see us perform our Christmas carol, and see what the rest of KS2 have been up to.!~OMSelectionMarkerEnd~

Please do not not copy or share the link with anyone else - or download the video.

Looe Class wish you all a very happy and healthy Christmas and New Year. Take care and we look forward to seeing you back at Brunel on Monday January 4th 2021!



Going on a Issy Hunt with Looe Class and making Christmas cards.


Christmas Dinner with Looe Class!! 

Looe Class really enjoyed their Brunel Christmas day and Christmas Dinner. It was a cracker!!


Maths Shed Marvels! 

This week, I am very proud to announce that Looe Class were the winners of the Brunel Maths Shed League.  Everyone has played there part with some children, including the maths wizard in the photo, earning thousands of points for their class team, by completing a series of math activities, quizzes and puzzles. Well done Looe Class, keep up the magnificent maths!


Non-chronological Reports 

We are so pleased with how our non chronological reports have turned out. The children have persevered, adding extra detail where they can and producing some some excellent work. Every pupil has included a range of sentence types, some amazing adjectives as well as sub headings, clearly defined paragraphs and brilliant artwork. Here is just a small selection for you to have a look at,  well done everyone!


Raring to Read! 

Looe class pupils love to read. As this picture shows, we use our reading skills in a whole host of ways in school and at home!



Learning update!

Hi everyone, just a quick update on what we've been up to this week. We are nearing the end of our English learning on the writing of non chronological reports, there is copy of our learning journey above, as well an example of pupils sorting fact from opinion. In Maths, we have just finished our learning around statistics, multiplication and division here we come!!
Why cross the Atlantic has been our BIG question this term. It's been quite the journey : a journey through DT, designing, making and evaluating paper aeroplanes, Geography and the importance of being able to use a compass if you were navigating the seas hundreds of years ago and History, as we begin to investigate all things Titanic as well as delve into the crossing of the Mayflower and the pilgrims across the Atlantic ocean some 400 years ago. You will see from the Topic web above that this just some of the learning that has been taking place this term during our Topic sessions. 


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