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Planning for this term 

The knowledge web for this term is downloadable below - lots of exciting learning to come!

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w/e 14.1.22 

Crumbles, Pouches, Dances and Vikings!

This has been an immensely busy week!

We started the week by learning about Crumble programmers - we had to make circuits, connected to Crumble controllers, connected to a coding app. We made the motors spin and our bulbs glow, which was really exciting!

In DT this week, we finally completed sewing our runestone pouches! The photos are in the files below! They have worked out so well and look great!

In PE this week, we learned some dance moves - see the video below! It was based on a roller coaster so we had great fun!

Finally, we had our Viking day! And what a fantastic day it was! We learned about the homestead and did some weaving. We learned about travel and Viking boats. We learned about weapons and how to go into battle. We also learned some Viking tales and songs and lit the campfire!

Lots of photos in the files below!
Have a great (and relaxing!) weekend :-)

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w/e 7/1/22 

Happy New Year ‘22! 

Hello everyone and welcome back to what is sure to be another great term in Finnygook.

Already, we have made a start on identifying the key features of formal and informal letters, with a focus on how to write a persuasive letter. Then in maths, we are completing our learning around multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1000.

Something we’ve worked massively hard on this week is our sewing! We’ve created some fantastic binca stitch samplers and have started making our runestone pouches. 

We also had great fun creating some ‘alternative’ New Year resolution pictures! I think we’ll manage to keep these resolutions! 

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  

These last few weeks have just flown by - it's been a wonderful term full of fun and fantastic learning.

This week we have finished our diary entries based on the most recent John  Lewis advert. All the children have worked incredibly hard to include as many aspects of the success criteria as possible. 

In maths this week we have cubed numbers (ask the children, they know what this is) and we have multiplied numbers by 10, 100 and 1000.

We've also been lucky enough to watch a pantomime this week - oh yes we have!

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you all back at Brunel on Tuesday January 4th.


KS2 Virtual Carol Concert 

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from KS2!

Sit back and enjoy this year's Virtual Carol Concert, complete with readings, songs from each year group, as well as performances from the Choir.


Check out our AMAZING violin concert! Isn’t it fantastic?  


w/e 10/12/21 

Science and Christmas!

We started our week off with our visit to the Christmas tree festival and ended it with Christmas jumpers and science investigations!


w/e 3/12/21 

It’s December! 

Hard to believe but yes, it’s December! But we’re not slowing down just yet! We’ve had a busy week of:

*English - we’re going to be writing diaries based on the new John Lewis advert, ‘Unexpected Visitor’. We explored the characters through Babble Gabble, freeze framing, hot seating and taste testing! Lots of us discovered we actually like mince pies! 

*Maths - another new unit, this time on Multiplication and Division. We learned some of the vocab we’ll be using through a raucous game of Snowballs! 

*History - We found out about the Vikings - who were they? Where did they come from? Why? 

*Science - We made some fantastic circuits - we tried out bulbs of different voltage, motors and buzzers! We’re getting great at drawing our circuit diagrams! 

Plus - we finished our beautiful snowflakes for the office windows, as part of Winter Wanderland! Don’t they look beautiful? Try out the selfie stop for your own fantastic photo! 


w/e 26.11.21 

Poetry galore!

We really enjoyed our trip out to the cinema on Tuesday - we watched Sonic the Hedgehog! Before we went, we had learned about how Sonic is always on the go and looking to the positive side of things. We thought about how he could take time for himself and slow down once in a while! 

We're been working really hard on our poems this week and now finished them! We were inspired by some very famous poets, as well as the WAGOLL we learned, and have produced poems of a very high quality!

A little word of warning - we're not getting much homework handed in, so from next week, children will be asked to complete it during their break time! Let me know if you need a copy of the booklet!

Finally, Mrs McKillop rescued a little hedgehog, who we named Sonic, of course! He was taken to the vets and will be looked after until he has put on sufficient weight to be released!



w/e 19/11/21

This week has FLOWN by! 

We have thoroughly enjoyed using figurative language in planning our poems, drawing line graphs in maths and finding out about electricity in science. We also created our own runestones using the language of the Anglo-Saxons - I wonder what they all say! 

We were also really lucky to virtually meet Jeff Kinney, author of Diary of a Wimpy Kid. He shared some insights about his books and himself, did a draw-along, quizzed us and answered some questions. Don’t forget, you can order a signed copy of his newest book for £10 on ParentPay. 

We ended our week with History. We became part of the Finnygook Monk Force! We were monks, sent back in time to try and convert the Anglo-Saxons from their pagan ways! A really fascinating afternoon of learning! 


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