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Home Learning Grid 18.1.21 

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Instalment 3 of Stig of the Dump



Instalment 2 of Stig of the Dump

Starting from chapter 9, p206

Read with the permission of Puffin publishing



Something to try out... 

Have a look at this fantastic book resource - our class are trialling it for the school! 
Our login code is LCA3000
Let me know what you think! It’s a great way to see what you’re reading, earn rewards and find nee books to enjoy! 



Well done for all your hard work!

So, we have come to the end of our first week in Lockdown, and what a week it has been, with many Y3/4 pupils learning remotely from home - I'd still love to see more of you turning in work on Teams - are you viewing the task and then turning it in for me to see?

On the whole, Teams and online working seems to have gone quite well, although we know that for some of you the technology and general accessing of Teams has been tricky. However, each day you seem to be a little more confident, as do we!

We’ve tried to catch up with everyone twice a day this week, and we will carry on with this next week. Our classes will continue to register by 9.15am every morning. You will need to register to check the assignments for the day and any timetabling issues then. From Monday, we would like to meet at 10am daily for a live lesson start to introduce English. At 2pm (11.30am on Fridays), we shall meet up for a live chat.

Well done everyone, have a restful weekend and we look forward to seeing you next week.

Take care


Stig of the Dump - Reading 1 (7.1.21) 

Enjoy the next part of our story!

Read with permission from Puffin Publishing


Online Learning - Teams 

Good afternoon, everyone!

We have been exploring on Teams today, as hopefully you have been too!

Here are some things to note:

~ You need to sign in each morning through the Teams app on your device or on the website

~ When you login, you’ll see the latest activity that has happened in your team

~ Click on Chat and you’ll see the General chat page – you’ll see any messages from your teacher here, as well as links to the Assignments

~ You can also click on Assignments and see all the work we need you to do that day.

~ Here are some videos to show you how to send your work back to us through the Assignment

On a PC: (282) Handing in an Assignment on Teams Student - YouTube

On mobile device: (282) Microsoft Teams Assignment, How students can attach homework - YouTube

We will message you on Teams tomorrow in the morning to tell you what work is set for the day and we will also advise you what time we will be doing a ‘live’ catch up to see how you are all getting on! Any issues, please email us and we will try to solve ASAP!



House points for this term!


Here's the whole of KS2 virtual Christmas concert - enjoy! 


Merry Christmas!  

That’s the meaning of Christmas-we hope you have an amazing one! 


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