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The Christmas Tree Festival 

Our visit to St Nicholas and St Faith Church

It was a very long walk down to the church. As we approached the church we were excited to see the Brunel bridge.

Many of the houses we passed were decorated. We particularly loved this one. Someone had Knitted all of the characters from the story of the first Christmas. We also spotted Rudolf, a snowman and Father Christmas himself!

We had never seen so many beautiful Christmas trees in one place! We loved the stained glass windows in the church too.

We were so excited to see the Brunel tree decorated with our little angels. We sang one of our Christmas songs to the tree. It was very appropriate because it is 'O Christmas Tree'. Mrs Matthews will add a video of our singing to the blog. We also sang 'Mary had a baby'.


An exciting week for Portwrinkle Class 

Christmas Tree Festival and Saltash Library

Portwrinkle class were so excited to be asked to decorate the Brunel tree for the SS Nicholas and Faith Church Christmas Tree Festival. We decided to do something that was very personal to us involving our handprints. Can you guess what they are going to be?

Look at the beautiful handprint angels we created. Don't they look stunning on the Brunel tree. You can visit the Festival from 27/11/21-10/11/21.

We want to say a big "thank you" to Mrs James and Mrs Newman who decorated our tree for us in the church. It looks wonderful.

Portwrinkle class has its own Library card which means that we can borrow books from Saltash Library. Oh my goodness what a windy day it was when we went for our first visit. We nearly got blown away!

In the Library we found an area that was just for children, how exciting! We had a good look through the books before choosing one to take home. Mrs Borlase chose one of the books to read to us. Finally we learnt how to scan our books out, that was fun. Next week we will take our books out and choose another one. We loved the Library.


Anti bullying week 

Odd Socks

There were quite a range of odd socks in Portwrinkle class this week!

We talked about bullying using the story of Lucy  and the Bully.

We learnt about what ‘on purpose’ and ‘by accident’ meant and how they are different. We looked at Brunel’s STOP poster.

We talked about how important it is to ‘tell’. We also remembered one of our class prompts. If someone is doing something that you don’t like you say
”Stop! I don’t like that”. If they don’t stop then you tell a grown up.


Bonfire Night 

Fabulous Fireworks

This week Portwrinkle class have been learning lots of things about fireworks.

They explored how chocolate melts when you heat it up and made some delicious sparkler biscuits.

They took their learning outside to create these explosive firework pictures! Can you see how they did them? They had to flick the paint off the brush.

They made their own sparklers using sticks and ribbons. They had to go and find a suitable stick. There were lots in our outside area because the wind had blown them off the trees. They used their sparklers to make shapes in the air.

Do you like their firework display? Some children have made very sparkly firework collages this week. Come and see them in Portwrinkle's cloakroom.


Theatre Trip 

Stick Man

Portwrinkle class had an exciting time this week! They went to the Theatre.

Miss Sleep was a great driver and there was a lot of singing on the minibus.

Can you see the enormous statue that stands outside of the Theatre Royal in Plymouth?

We had to give our tickets to the ladies to scan, it took two of them to do it!

Perry helped the lady scan one lot of tickets.

It was very dark inside the theatre, especially when the lights went down. Portwrinkle class joined in with gusto and laughed a lot. We had a great view of the stage from our seats.

Portwinkle class were an absolute credit to BRUNEL. They behaved beautifully and they all thanked the theatre staff as they left. One of the staff said that the children had lovely manners. Mrs Matthews and the other adults were very proud of the children.

What a great time we had. We need to say a massive "THANK YOU" to the Brunel Friends Association who paid for the tickets. Without their hard work we wouldn't have had this amazing introduction to our focus story.


Apple Bobbing 

After our story with Janey the Witch we talked about Halloween. The children didn't know what apple bobbing was so we decided to give it a go. There were a lot of wet faces in Portwrinkle class! Some of the children even managed to get an apple.


Janey the Witch 

Room on a Room

Portwrinkle class tuned into Learning Live to hear Janey the witch read the story of Room on the Broom. They really enjoyed it. Afterwards she made a good spell to help someone. Ask them what she put into her spell.

They were so excited to see that Kingsand Class had made it on to the top 10 leaderboard for the Halloween quiz!


Getting ready for Winter 

A spot of gardening

The children in Portwrinkle class have been helping Mrs Borlase to tidy up our gardening area this week. They have helped to sort out some of the tubs and prepare the new planting area built for us by Drew our caretaker.

The children have planted some wildflower seeds which we hope to see growing next year. They also sorted out the top of our bug hotel ready to add some primroses in the Spring.

The BFA have given us some Spring bulbs to plant in our outside area. Mrs Matthews doesn't know where the children planted them so it will be a lovely surprise for her in the Spring.

What great gardeners we already have in Portrwinkle class!


The Royal Institute Roadshow 

Explosive science

Portwrinkle class thoroughly enjoyed meeting Nerys the scientist from the Royal Institute. She made them jump when she set fire to some flour! They were very interested when she showed them how poo is made and then shocked as she ate it!
Finally she lit some flour and it exploded causing the lid to fly off with a BANG!


Creating pictures with natural materials 

This week in Portwrinkle class the children have been learning how to use the iPad to take a photo of their creations.
First they chose a picture frame, Next they used the natural materials to create a picture in their frame. After that they used their name card to label the picture. Finally they used the iPad to take a photo of their frame.
Come and have a look at them in Portwrinkle's classroom.


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