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This weeks Learning grid 

Learning for w/e 15/01/21

Here is the learning grid for this week. You will need to look at the other attached documents and scroll down for photos of the ditties. I haven't managed to save them as PDF's so I hope a photo of them is ok. I will look into getting them as PDF's for next week. Scroll down for how to teach a ditty. I hope you are all ok, we miss every one of you. Love from Mrs Matthews.

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Ditty 1 


Ditty 2 


Ditty 3 


Reading a ditty sheet 


Teams catch up sessions 

I hope all of you are safe and well. Thank you to those parents who have responded and asked for a face to face meeting with me and your child. I have had further thoughts around this and we are aiming after next week to offer up to 3 sessions for the children not attending school and 1 session for those who are not in every day. I am hoping for these to be done by myself and my teaching assistants. We want to introduce a little teaching element to this as well as a catch up and for us to answer any queries about your home learning. If you would like this then please email me It will take a bit of organising but hopefully we can do it. This is a very steep learning curve for us all! If these sessions go well then perhaps we can do a whole class session where the children can see each other ... it could be a bit mad but definitely fun!
I would love to see posts on here about your home learning so send me photos of what you’re doing. I will respond to every one of them.
Take care and stay safe.


Home Learning w/e 8/1/21 

This week's home learning

Hello everyone I hope you are all ok, we really miss seeing you in school. Here is your first home learning grid. I have just set work for Wednesday-Friday this week. As I said in my message on Tapestry please bear with me this week while I get this up and running. If you have any questions then either email me at or you could call during school hours. You can also message me via Tapestry. I would like to offer a catch up with each individual child via Microsoft Teams, if your child is in school during the week they will not need this. I will need a parent/carer email address to do this and then I will create a timetable for us to do this. If you are happy for me to do this for your child then please email me to let me know. I'm hoping to try and upload videos to the blog so there may also be some things for you to watch. Take care everyone and stay safe.
Mrs Matthews

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Achiever this week 

.This week’s achiever is a fantastic mathematician. He knows some great maths facts.




Here is the winner of Portwrinkle’s Mathshed league. For those who have not logged on yet you can play games and earn points. Who will be our next winner?


Another special visitor 

The Reverand
Jill Flowers

This week Portwrinkle class met the Reverend Jill Flowers. She beamed into our classroom from her church. She took us on a tour of her church and told us a story about baby Jesus. She told us about why Christmas was special to her. At the end we sang her ‘Mary had a baby’ which she loved.


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