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Welcome to Polzeath Class' Blog Page

This is our Year 1 Class Blog page where we would love to show you all that we have been learning! We have lots of fun in our class, we are always smiling and we can't wait to learn lots of wonderful new things this year. Our teacher is Miss Wood and our teaching assistants are Mrs. Frazer and Miss Hosking.

Weekly Reminders:

Please remember to bring to school everyday: your book bag with your RWInc reading book and reading record, a water bottle and a coat.

On Wednesdays: please come dressed in your PE kit and wear appropriate footwear (e.g. trainers)

On Fridays: please bring in your Spelling book for your spelling test and also your Mental Workout Maths booklet ready to the page to be marked.

P.E. Kit

Please come to school dressed in your P.E. kit every Wednesday ready to take part in your P.E. Lesson.

P.E. Kit:
House coloured t-shirt.
Black shorts.
Trainers or plimsolls.
Tracksuits are suitable in winter.


Your child will be set spellings which all contain the same sound based upon their Read Write Inc group: set 1, set 2 or set 3.
They will bring home a spelling book with these in which will contain further instructions.

Please bring your spelling book in on a Friday when you will be tested.

Maths Homework

Each week you will need to complete one page of your Key Stage One Maths CGP Mental Workout Maths Booklet.
Everyone needs to complete Section A (Start up) and Section B (Into Gear) of each page.
If you want more of a challenge you can also complete Section C (Tough challenge).

Please bring into school on Friday to have that week’s exercise marked by your teacher.

Autumn Term 2021 - What can sparkle and shine?

Our new theme topic for this term is going to be "What can sparkle and shine?" Take a look below at what we are going to be learning and covering and the key vocabulary we will be using.

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Week ending 22nd October 2021 

Happy Half term everyone! You've all worked incredibly hard this term. Well done for all you have achieved! In recognition of all your hard work and everyone gaining lots of dojo points this half term we enjoyed Golden Reward Time on Friday. The children chose to have an extra outside play and then have a hot chocolate with marshmallows and a biscuit to warm up afterwards!

In English this week, we have written our own Beach acrostic poems. Take a look below at some of them. We also enjoyed a Live Read of "Room on the Broom" read by Janey the Witch as part of our Guided Reading. 

In Maths, we have been mastering addition fact families and learning to write addition number sentences using part + part = whole and whole = part + part. We have also begun to look at finding number bonds to 10. We also tried 99 club for the first time and everyone did really well applying their addition skills to solve either 5 club or 11 club questions. 

In Computing, we have been learning how to type on a keyboard and have been practicing drawing using the 

Enjoy a lovely restful half term holiday.

See you back on Tuesday 2nd November! (Remember 1st November is an INSET day so you do not need to be in school.) 

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Week ending 15th October 2021 


We have been learning all about acrostic poems this week. We started by writing acrostic poems using our names as the theme. We had some really lovely poems and we learned new things about each other from what we wrote. We have been exploring different types of words such as nouns, adjectives and powerful verbs. We found these words in our WAGOLL poem too. We also learned the Beach Poem with actions.


We have started our new unit on addition and subtraction. We have learnt to use part, part whole to help us with our adding. We have had fun finding parts and splitting the whole into two parts. 


We have been learning about different technologies that we can use to help us. We have sorted things that are technology and things that are not. We have learnt the parts of a computer and developed our mouse skills. 


An amazing Science show - Exploding food! 

We have enjoyed an amazing Science show this week, given by The Royal Institution. We learned all about how our digestive system works and how our sense of taste and smell helps us to taste different flavours. We learnt the names of the parts of the digestive system, which foods give our bodies energy and saw how our bodies digest foods with lots of fun experiments. It has inspired everyone to become more excited about Science. 

Here are some our Year 1 Reactions!
“I liked the coke and mentos when it exploded.”
“I loved it when the fire popped out of the tin and the lid came off.”
“I liked it when she chopped up the chocolate like when we eat our food with our teeth.”
“I liked the explosion!”

Take a look at some of the photos from the session below. 

If you want to see more amazing science experiments - check out The Royal Institution's Experimental: Bringing Science home videos on their website:

Experimental: Bringing Science home

Here's a fun video to watch! You can have a go at home!

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Week ending 1st October 2021 


We have had fun rehearsing and planning a new story all about Mrs. Armitage this week. We learnt our new class story using a story map and then wrote the story making sure to include adjectives and some of us even used 'and' to join words and sentences. Next week we are going to be planning and writing our own stories - more new adventures for Mrs. Armitage and Breakspear the dog to go on!


In Maths we have been focusing on comparing objects and numbers using new vocabulary such as:
more than      bigger than      greater than 
less than        fewer than       smaller than 
equal to          the same 
We have also learnt to use the symbols < and > and = to compare objects and numbers. 

Art - Beautiful Lighthouses!

We have been enjoying improving our drawing skills in Art this week. We began by exploring different grades of pencil and practising thin and thick lines and shading. We then all had a go at drawing a lighthouse using careful lines and adding detail. We finished off by practising colouring in the lines to add colour to our lighthouse drawings. They all looked fantastic! 


Week ending 24th September 2021  

We have had another lovely week and have been enjoying our new story "Mrs. Armitage and the Big Wave". Mrs. Armitage is a brilliant character who rescues a little girl who got out too deep in the sea at the beach. The children decided the best words to describe her would be: helpful, happy, brave, hilarious, kind and careful! We have been using our VIPERS reading skills and ordered pictures to sequence and retell the story as well as predicting what Mrs. Armitage might do next. We have learnt about adjectives and used these to make our writing more interesting as well as continuing to practice our fred-talking skills to write words and sentences. We have learnt to join words and sentences using 'and'. 

We're looking forward to planning and writing our own Mrs. Armitage stories next week!

We have been learning to find and count one more and one less this week. 
Well done to everyone for having a fantastic go at your new Maths Homework books - thank you for all bringing them in on a Friday ready for me to mark! 

In History, we have been learning the difference between past and present. We had fun sorting objects from the seaside into those from the past and those we use now in the present. 
In R.E. we have considered the golden rule and what it means to treat others as we wish to be treated. We came up with lots of ways we can be kind to one another in our class and in our families. 
In P.E. we have continued to practise our throwing and catching skills.  

Take a look below at what we have been up to! 

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Week ending 17th September 2021 

We've had a lovely week in Year 1! Everyone has been working hard in RWInc learning their sounds and we have enjoyed being outside in the sunshine. 
Well done everyone for being bright shining stars and getting lots of Dojo points too! Take a look below at what we have been learning this week...


We have been practicing our fred-talking skills to write words. We have also written lists for what we would take to the beach and we have rehearsed and written sentences to do with the beach. 
Everyone has been working hard to form their letters correctly and remember capital letters, finger spaces and full stops. 


We have started our Place Value: Numbers to 10 unit. We have been counting objects to 10, representing numbers to 10 and even to 20 and also writing numbers to 10 and for an extra challenge to 20. Everyone has become more confident counting forwards and backwards up to 10 and to 20.  


We have been listening and appraising a variety of rap and hip hop tracks! The children have had great fun boogie-ing to the music! 
We have all learnt the song Hey You! and had a go at coming up with our own new lyrics for one of the verses. We have had a go at playing "C" in time with the music using xylophones. We can all now do actions in time to the pulse of the music. 


Welcome to Polzeath Class! 

Hello and welcome to your new class blog page!

We will update this blog each week with the wonderful learning you have all been doing in Polzeath Class. We will also use it to let you know any messages for the following week.

It has been lovely to welcome you all back to school and hear about your Summer holidays. Everyone has settled into the new routines of Year 1 really well and I have already seen some amazing writing from many of you!

Below you will find some key information that was given out in paper form before the Summer holidays but will be handy if you need to check back here to find out anything. There is information about starting Year 1 and what you will need to bring into school on different days as well as new routines to follow.  

I'm really looking forward to a fantastic year together!

Miss Wood 

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