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Happy Half Term Polzeath Class!  

Hooray for half term! You’ve all been working so hard and doing such a brilliant job of your home learning. I have really missed seeing all of you and not teaching you. Thank you for all your lovely emails, photos and videos of what you’ve all been up to. This week – enjoy taking a break, take time to rest and enjoy spending time with your family and getting outside as much as you can.

Please see the pdf below with a half term message from me! It should also have been emailed out to you. 

We are not setting any formal learning for you this week but see below that we have put a pdf of ideas for things you might like to do each day should you find you need some activity or at a loss for what to do or should there be a rainy day! There is no expectation for you to complete any of it.
Do check back again to the blog ready for Monday 1st June where the new home learning grids will be live and back up and running for after half term.

Feel free to email me on: if you have any queries or to show me what you have been enjoying during the holiday. Stay safe and well, take care and keep smiling! Miss Wood x

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Welcome to Polzeath Class! 


Elmer Day! 

Remember it's Elmer Day tomorrow! You could dress up in bright colours and do some Elmer themed crafts or just read an Elmer story. The activity pack is below this post (saved as a Pdf) if you wanted to find it again! 
It's been pretty windy today hasn't it? So I decided to read you the story of "Elmer and the wind" by David Mckee with permission of Anderson Press. 
Perhaps you could watch it tomorrow for Elmer day? 
Enjoy! Have a lovely half term too! 



A sweet video! 

This is a lovely video to share with your little one!

"While We Can't Hug" is a new book coming out in August published by Faber Children's books. 



Mrs. Frazer reads "Zog"!

Here's another lovely story read by Mrs. Frazer! She hopes you enjoy it! 
(With the permission of Scholastic books) 



Christopher's Caterpillars!

I hope you're all enjoying the lovely sunshine. I decided to read this next Christopher Nibble book outside in my garden. We're having such beautiful weather and I thought I would show you the seeds and plants that I have been growing. I love gardening just like Christopher so thought I'd show you what has started to grow and what hasn't! Have you started to grow anything? Send me some photos if you have!

Enjoy this story about Christopher and his friend Posie as they find some caterpillars and look after them. However one day the caterpillars disappear....!
This could help you with your life cycle of a butterfly work this week! 

(Read with the permission of Oxford University Press.)



Paddington heads to the seaside!

It's Monday again and time for another story! Mrs. Watson read another Paddington story on Kingsand's blog page about Paddington gardening  - so you could always check that one out too if you're a Paddington fan!

Well this time I've read you another of Paddington's adventures where he heads to the beach for the first time. 

Parents and carers - this turned out to be a far longer story to read out than planned (!) -  however - settle the children down to watch this and you've got a good 20 minutes to go and grab a cup of tea and enjoy some quiet time to yourselves and put your feet up while they're watching! 


(With the permission of Harper Collins Children's Books)


Fascinating facts about animals  

N has been inspired by watching the Chester Zoo tours online and has learnt a few things about some animals. He drew some of the animals and wrote a fact or two about each one. He's learnt about mountain chicken frogs,  bornean orangutans from Borneo, one horned Indian rhinos and cheetahs. Sounds fascinating. Lovely drawings and neat writing too! 

If you want to check out Chester Zoo online and see some of the animals on their live stream go to:


A delightful Dandelion book! 

Click on the pdf link below this post to read and flick through a delightful dandelion book! H has worked so hard this week to write his "Everything you need to know about Dandelions" book - I am sure Christopher Nibble would be very impressed if he read it! 
I love your introduction especially...
Do you know anything about dandelions? Prepare to be amazed. Relax and read on!

That really made me want to read on and find out more! Lots of fun facts - a super non-fiction book.

I certainly was amazed! Sending you a virtual double high five H! 

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N's lovely reading!

N has been working really hard at practising his reading- have a listen! Lovely, clear and confident reading. It's a fun Biff and Chip story! 
He hopes you enjoy it! 


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