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Home Learning grid - w/c 18.1.2021 

Hello Polzeath Class!

Please find below this week's home learning grid for Year 1.

Thank you very much for all the work you have been sending in. It is so good to be able to give the children positive feedback to keep them motivated and little goals to be working on. This week's three pieces of work we are wanting you to email to us are:

English- Your own version of Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs story

Maths- Lesson 5: Subtraction Counting back (crossing 10) 

Theme- Science: Dinosaur Diets

(they are highlighted in yellow on the home learning grid)

Feel free to send us more than these three pieces of work, these are just the minimum.

Keep looking out for English lesson input videos and storytime videos that will appear on the blog daily so you can watch at home.

If you have any questions feel free to email me on:

Can't wait to hear from you all this week.

Miss Wood

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99 club sheets  

Here are your 99 club sheets to work through - do one a week! Keep practicing your super arithmetic skills! Remember you have 10 minutes to complete the questions in so set yourself a timer!

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Friday's English Lesson 

Today in your English lesson you will be using adjectives to describe a variety of objects.

CHALLENGE: Can you find objects in your house to describe using adjectives?



Friday's Storytime!

Dinosaurs Love Underpants

Today's story is all about how the dinosaurs became extinct.... oh and underpants too. 

Do you think this was really how the dinosaurs died out?

Which are you favourite pants?


Thursday's English Lesson 

Thinking about characters feelings...

Here is a video for you to watch for your English lesson this morning. We are going to be using our inference skills to think about how Harry might be feeling at different parts of the story and explaining why he might be feeling that way.

Remember to write in full sentences (with capital letters, full stops and finger spaces) in each of the thought bubbles on the sheet or you can just write your sentences straight into your English book.

Feel free to email me your completed work when you're done!


Thursday's Storytime! 

Lost and Found!

Here is a story for you to watch on Thursday. Its all about a penguin who mysteriously turns up at a little boy's front door. We hope you enjoy it! 

Have you ever been lost? What did it feel like? 

Hope you're all keeping well! 



Wednesday's English Lesson

Today's lesson is the one we require you to email to us. So just take a photo of the completed story and email it to me at , I look forward to reading your fabulous stories and giving your some feedback.

Start by rehearsing the story again using the story map to remind you of the events. Then rehearse each sentence and write it just like Miss Wood does on the video below. You can use the six pictures below (saved as a pdf)  from the book to write a simple sentence for each if that would help.

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Wednesday's Storytime


Today's story is called Tyrannosaurus Drip and it is about some fearsome Tyrannosaurus' and a Compsognathus family.
We hope you enjoy the story.



Tuesday's English Lesson

Re-watch the story video of Harry and the Bucket Full of Dinosaurs from Monday's English Lesson blog post. Try and see if you can remember what happens in the story as we will be writing the story ourselves on Tomorrow. Then watch the video below to help you rehearse the story using my story map (see below for the story may too). Can you add your own actions?

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Tuesday's Storytime

Hello again Polzeath,

Today we have another Harry and the Dinosaur Story. Harry and the Dinosaurs say "Raahh!". 

Enjoy Harry's adventure.


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