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Week ending 1st April - Happy Easter!  

We've made it to the end of the Spring term! What a busy one it has been with lockdown and four weeks with everybody back in school. We have had another brilliant week. The children have planned and written their own amazing stories based on the structure of Jack and the Beanstalk. In Maths, we have been recapping counting patterns with the 2s and 10s. This week we have been learning what happened at the very first Easter in RE and what happened to Jesus. We have also been learning how Christians celebrate Easter with Easter eggs and hot cross buns and what they symbolise. We enjoyed our own Easter egg hunt around the school grounds (we had to find 16 eggs and do different actions every time we found one!) and we tried delicious hot cross buns! Everyone enjoyed a chocolatey Easter egg surprise for completing the Easter egg hunt! See the photos below. We've also learnt how to relief print using tiles and rollers and ink in Art! It was great fun and the children have produced some fabulous Spring time prints, some of which you can see below this post. 

Well done for all your hard work and fantastic learning. 

I'll look forward to seeing you all back on Monday 19th April!

Have a lovely restful Easter holiday and enjoy time with your families.

Take care Miss Wood :)

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Week ending 26th March  

Polzeath have been pulling out all the stops in their learning this week! They have written our new class version of the story of Joy and the Beanstalk! Everyone has been much better using capital letters and full stops and including lots of exciting adjectives. 
In Maths, we have continued to learn how to measure - this week measuring liquids! We have been measuring and comparing capacity and volume using different containers. We had fun in our outdoor area measuring using cups and spoonfuls to see how many it would take to fill various containers. We then ordered the objects by size according to how much water they held. 
We have had a fun time learning lots of different songs about the Jack and the Beanstalk story! We have also listened to different classical pieces of musical and talked about whether they have a slow or fast rhythm and if the notes are high or low notes. 
In Art, we have been learning to print in different ways. We used bottles to print and create blossom trees images just like we're seeing on the Spring trees at the moment. We took inspiration from pink cherry blossom photos. Then we have carved potatoes to create a relief prints to look like Easter eggs and printed using 2 colours to create a repeated pattern! 
Take a look at our photos below to see more of what we have been up to! 

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Week ending 19th March  

Polzeath Class have had another wonderful week! Everyone has settled back into the routines of school so well after lockdown. I am so proud of everyone's enthusiasm for their learning and everyone having a go and trying their best. 
In English we have had great fun rehearsing and learning the story of Jack and the Beanstalk using our story maps. There has been some fantastic writing going on as everyone re-told the story using some fantastic vocabulary! I've spotted lots of lovely adjectives, powerful verbs and children using 'and' to extend their sentences. Take a look at some of the examples below.
In Maths we have been learning about mass and how to measure using balance scales and comparing heavier and lighter objects. 
In Computing we have been busy learning how to code and program robots and dinosaurs and cats to do different things and follow commands. We used the A.L.E.X app, Daisy the dino app and scratch junior app. There was fantastic tommy teamwork going on with the children working in pairs and taking turns nicely. 
We also had a very enjoyable afternoon transforming our outdoor area and clearing all the leaves up and sorting out the shed with all our equipment and bits for outdoor learning. Lots of the children had fun learning how to use the hose to clean things off and used big brushes to sweep up! Great teamwork skills on display again! Very useful life skills being learnt! The outdoor area is now looking a lot tidier and it has been lovely to be outside enjoying it this week in the sunshine.  
On Friday we also had fun with Bad hair day for Comic relief! 
Enjoy the photos of some of the things we have got up to this week! 

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Week ending 5th March  

Another busy week in Polzeath Class! We have been doing lots of measuring in Maths this week! We have compared the sizes of different objects and been thinking about what is the tallest and shortest. We have also been measuring using non-standard units of measure. Take a look at all our wonderful photos below! We have enjoyed the story of The Rhyming Rabbit and written our own poems about creatures we would find beneath our feet! In Science we have learnt the difference between deciduous and evergreen trees. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone back in school in person for more learning next week!

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World Book Day - 4th March 2021 

Polzeath Class had a lovely time celebrating World Book Day! Many of us decorated potatoes to look like different book characters and some of us dressed up as our favourite book characters too. We had a TEAMs meeting in the morning so we could show each other our costumes and potatoes and share our favourite books - it was great fun! Miss Wood even dressed up as the cat from Slinky Malinki and read us that story! In our English work this week we also wrote book reviews about our favourite books and character descriptions about our favourite chararcters. Take a look at the photos below to see what we have been up to.

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Next week's return to school  

Arrangements for next week:

Monday 8th March

Enjoy your final day at home with your family. For those who have been self-isolating enjoy getting outside and being in the fresh air and getting lots of exercise that you have not been able to for the past week. Celebrate all your hard work by having a day full of fun! Let's hope its lovely and sunny! There will be no assignments to complete on TEAMs or meetings.

Tuesday 9th March

Everyone in Year 1 back to school today.
The school day for Year 1 starts at 8:45am and now ends at 3:05pm.

Please bring your book bag with your reading book and monkey book and your purple folder and any exercise books or notebooks with all your home learning that you have done at home in with you. Don't forget a water bottle and your coat!

Please enter the KS1 playground via the main gate and follow the arrows on the playground as before and then stand socially distanced (in the year 1 half of the playground) ready for your child to go into school or be collected at the end of the day.

1 adult (please wear a face mask) to drop off or collect. Please make sure your child is waiting with you ready to be let into the classroom.

We have really missed you all and can't wait to see you on Tuesday!
Thank you for all your support and hard work throughout this difficult and strange time.
There is a lovely back to school booklet below that you might want to read through with your child before they return to school. 

Miss Wood :) 

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World Book Day Quiz - with prizes too!

Can you guess the Secret Reader? There are 37 - yes, 37! - members of staff hidden behind their books! This is seriously tricky stuff but there will be prizes!

Even more of a treat, is that if you click on each picture, you will be taken to an online reading of the story, some activities or a linked video!

Hand in your entries by Friday 12th March for a chance of a prize!

Quiz and entry form below... Good luck!

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Home Learning Grid - Wk beginning 1.3.2021 

Well we only have one week left of home learning to go! We are continuing our new topic - What's beneath our feet? Here is your new home learning grid for this final week. We hope you enjoy all the different activities and lessons we have planned. 
You will find all your assignments on TEAMs - just remember to hand in what you've done at home onto TEAMs. 

Don't forget - Thursday 4th March is World Book Day! 
Feel free to dress up as your favourite book character or decorate a potato as your favourite character. 
Come dressed up or bring your potato to show at 10AM on our TEAMS morning meeting. 
We can see what characters we've all come as and share the books we've been reading. 
Look forward to seeing you then! 

Also - Mrs. Frazer and I can't wait to see you all back in school in person on 8th March! Remember to bring back into school all your work that you've been doing at home in your purple folders - we would like to see all your books and the different things you've completed whilst learning at home!

Take care and enjoy the sunshine! Miss Wood :)  

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Week ending 26th February 

It's been another busy week for our fabulous learners in Polzeath Class! We have learnt a winter acrostic poem by heart and written our own Spring Time acrostic poems! In Maths, we have been learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. 
In Science we have been learning about the seasons of the year. We have been enjoying the much more spring like weather and sunshine by going on spring walks and spotting signs of spring like daffodils and primroses and blossom. We also created our own Andy Goldsworthy inspired nature sculptures. 
We have learnt how to create healthy smoothies and healthy meals to ensure we eat healthy and balanced meals! The smoothies tasted delicious - it was great fun deciding which ingredients to use. 
In Music, we have learnt a call and response song all based on the story of Jack and the beanstalk!

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Home Learning grid - wk beginning 22.2.21 

Well done everyone for your fantastic learning both at home and in school over the past term.

Your new home learning grid for the week after half term can be found below - you can also find it in the files tab on TEAMs. All your assignments and documents and lessons for this week will be uploaded to TEAMS. Please check TEAMs daily for your assignments, announcements, posts and TEAMs meetings invites. Remember to use your log-in details.

We are starting our new topic based on the big question – What’s beneath our feet? We will be learning all about Spring, growing things, plants and trees, minibeasts and much more! You can find our new topic web below as well to find out more about what we will be covering.

Remember that Monday 22nd February is an INSET day – make the most of an extra day to get outside, be away from screens and learning and have fun with your family. So this week’s learning begins on Tuesday 23rd February. All of your assignments will be uploaded to TEAMs as normal so please don’t forget to keep turning in/handing in by uploading a photo or video of what you’ve done.

Spellings – there is a new set of spellings for this coming term to practice too. You can find the pdf on TEAMS in the Files tab or below this post next to the home learning grid pdf document.

I’ll look forward to seeing you back in school or online virtually on Tuesday 23rd February! We’ll be having our daily TEAMS meeting at 2:30pm so I’ll look forward to chatting and seeing you then.

Take care and have a lovely half term holiday. Miss Wood :)

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