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House points for this term! 


Carol Singing 

We enjoyed singing the carol of Away in a Manger for the residents at St. Anne’s this week.


A Virtual Tour of Year 3 and 4 

As we’re nearing the end of this term, we thought you might like to see some of the wonderful displays of work that the children have helped to produce.


Testing our Structures 

Earthquake Pentreath hit Mousehole class this week which really tested our 'Earthquake proof' buildings!
How long did yours last? What features helped it?


The Wolf visits Brunel! 

Today, Mousehole class created questions to ask our special guests. The questions were styled to draw out character description.

The class loved the visit from The Good Wolf and Felicity Fur Hood-can they tell you more about it?

We planned this exercise to help the children develop characterisation within their own writing!


Exciting Learning! 

Earthquake Proof Buildings:

The children have enjoyed constructing their buildings from their plans. They used cross bracing, shear walls and base isolation to try to make their structures 'earthquake proof.'

We are looking forward to testing them later on today and next week!

Here is a sneak peek of our Window Wonderland crafting this week!

The children loved getting creative! They made a candle, Christmas tree and bauble each and they are displayed on the office windows. Do visit to have a look this weekend as they look spectacular in the dark!



This term's learning in Maths

This is called our Learning Jigsaw. All the objectives for Maths link together, just like a jigsaw. The objectives in purple are revision sessions from Year 2, due to Covid interrupting the children's learning. The green one is a new objective this year, which we've just completed this week!


A closer look at what we are learning in English 

At Brunel, we always begin our new English topic by sharing the learning journey to come. This maps out the learning for the children so that they know what is coming and what their end goal and purpose in writing is. It is also useful for looking back to use knowledge that we have learnt to aid writing.

 We thought that it would be useful to share the learning journey with parents so that you can also see the steps in your child’s learning and the journey that they go on.


Pen License News! 

I was so excited to be able to give out the first pen licenses of the year yesterday! We practice our handwriting every morning to ensure that our letters are a consistent size and form. There are many other children who are very close!


Reminder: If your child took part in the National Trust Writing Competition, please can they bring in their entry ASAP!


This week, the children have been designing their earthquake proof structures/buildings in D&T. Next week, they will be constructing them according to their design and the features needed to make them strong...can they tell you any?

PLEASE BRING IN ANY CARDBOARD, STRAWS, CARDBOARD CYLINDERS (not the inside of toilet rolls please) etc... for creating these by next Wednesday. Thanks!



The children were very excited to witness a volcano erupt right outside their classroom today!!

Can they describe to you what happened?


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