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Happy Half Term Kingsand Class! 

Hooray for half term! You’ve all been working so hard and doing such a brilliant job of your home learning. I have really missed seeing all of you and not teaching you. Thank you for all your lovely emails, photos and videos of what you’ve all been up to. This week – enjoy taking a break, take time to rest and enjoy spending time with your family and getting outside as much as you can.

Please see the pdf below with a half term message from me! It should also have been emailed out to you.

We are not setting any formal learning for you this week but see below that we have put a pdf of ideas for things you might like to do each day should you find you need some activity or at a loss for what to do or should there be a rainy day! There is no expectation for you to complete any of it.
Do check back again to the blog ready for Monday 1st June where the new home learning grids will be live and back up and running for after half term.

Feel free to email me on: if you have any queries or to show me what you have been enjoying during the holiday. Stay safe and well, take care and keep smiling! Mrs Watson x

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R's Jim and the giant learning

R has written great character descriptions using conjunctions to compare and the 'er' suffix. He has also written a lovely letter to the giant asking him questions about his glasses and giving him solutions for problems he may have. 

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A's Minibeasts & Rhyming Challenge 

A has created a great butterfly life cycle and some beautiful butterfly artwork. She has made a fabulous ladybird poster that has some very interesting facts. ,

A has been enjoying the 'Oi' stories, and took on my challenge to come up with animal rhymes for each letter of the alphabet, not an easy task at all, well done A!

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O's Jim and the Giant work and Money

O has enjoyed Jim and the Giant and wanted to share his work with you, especially his letter, O is a much better speller than the giant! 

He has also been learning about money and even made his own shop. 

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Oi Dog! Story and craft

Here is another story from the creators of Oi Frog!  SPOILER ALERT!! if you haven't watched it yet scroll down and watch it before reading on.

If you remember the end of Oi Frog, Frog ended up being sat on by dog, this story is frogs chance to have his say about that! If you had a go at the rhyming challenge last time, listen to see if any of your rhymes are in this book. I have also challenged you to see how many different kinds of minibeasts you can spot in this story.

Oi Dog! story:

Bug Hotel Craft (I didn't have enough sticks to make the video myself, but I will be collecting more to finish mine off):
You can use any kind of cylinder. For example, loo rolls, kitchen rolls or a plastic drinks bottle with the top and bottom cut off (ask an adult to help).



J's Dandelion book

J has worked very hard on his non-fiction dandelion book. He has really entices the reader to continue reading with his question, reassurance and invitation in the introduction. He has included some great facts including that Dandelions have around 200 petals.

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L's Dandelion book

Liam has produced a fabulous non-fiction book about Dandelions. He has used soe beautiful representations of dandelions and included some brilliant facts. A new fact I learnt was that the name Dandelion comes from a french word meaning lion's tooth!

L has also been learning about multiplication, doing Rosie's daily phonics sessions and completleting colour by sounds sheets (they are great fun and can be found on twinkl).  He has enjoyed learning about Ama and her family and has been on some lovely walks,

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O's delightful Dandelion book

O has worked really hard on his 'All about Dandelions' book, he has all the features of a non-fiction book and some lovely descriptions such as 'silky parachutes' to describe their seeds. He has also been continuing to enjoy karate cat maths on bitesize and he has practised his 99 club too. He has also been create this week and made his own pack of Pokemon Top Trumps.

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Oi Frog! Story and Challenge

Hello, I really love this brilliant rhyming story, it is bright and funny. I recently have discovered there are more books that follow on from this one so I will be reading those too over the next weeks, they are equally as funny and have great rhymes too. 

Here is the first story Oi Frog!: (Read with the permission of Hodder Childrens books)

Here is the Challenge (a little change from craft this week):



Home Learning grid- w/c 18.05.2020

Dear Parents and Carers, Well we’re into week 5 of home learning! You are all doing a brilliant job of teaching your children and it has been lovely to receive emails, photos and videos of what you’ve all be up to.

Please find below the new grid for Year 2 home learning tasks for w/c 18/05/20. You will find both the online learning grid and offline learning grid below this post.

There are also corresponding worksheets to go with the lessons on the grid saved as Pdfs below. Please note that the White Rose Maths worksheets and answers can be found there as well. You can still just watch the videos and do the activities in your yellow books or on paper but if you liked the worksheets find them below!

Should your child struggle with the activities set, please try those of a younger year group to help build their confidence.

Do not feel that all activities must be completed. However, if possible, please could you prioritise the English/Spelling/Phonics and Maths tasks daily.

Feel free to email me on: to show me your wonderful learning and what you have been enjoying.

I’m looking forward to reading your letters to the Giant!

Take care and keep smiling!

Mrs Watson

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