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Reminders for Each Week 

Please remember to bring to school everyday: your book bag with your RWInc reading book and reading record, a water bottle and a coat.

Maths Homework

Each week you will need to complete one page of your Key Stage One Maths CGP Mental Workout Maths Booklet.
Everyone needs to complete Section A (Start up) and Section B (Into Gear) of each page.
If you want more of a challenge you can also complete Section C (Tough challenge).

Please bring into school on Friday to have that week’s exercise marked by your teacher.


Your child will be set spellings which all contain the same sound based upon their Read Write Inc group: set 1, set 2 or set 3. They will bring home a spelling book with these in which will contain further instructions. Please bring your spelling book in on a Friday when you will be tested.

P.E. Kits

Please come to school dressed in your P.E. kit every Wednesday ready to take part in your P.E. Lesson.
P.E. Kit:
House coloured t-shirt.
Black shorts.
Trainers or plimsolls.
Tracksuits are suitable in winter.

Autumn Term 2021 - What can sparkle and shine?

Our new theme topic for this term is going to be "What can sparkle and shine?" Take a look below at what we are going to be learning and covering and the key vocabulary we will be using.

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Visit to the Christmas Trees

Key Stage one had a lovely visit to see the Christmas trees at St Nicholas and St Faith Church.  We were very lucky with the weather and had lovely clear skies and even saw a rainbow! We really enjoyed finding all the objects on the treasure hunt list (see the photo below)! We spotted our beautiful Brunel Tree along with some rather interesting trees such as a tree made out of crutches and an RNLI tree complete with seagulls and a lifeboat man on the top as an angel.  We finished off our wonderful trip by singing some Christmas songs in the church, we were definitely best at Away in a Manager and even got a round of applause from the organisers of the tree festival.

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Friday 26th November 2021 

English and History

This week in English we have been learning about past tense -ed verbs ready for us to use them in our Grace Darling biographies. We also created a question starter word bank and practised writing questions ready to use questions as headings.  We then learned all about Grace Darling's heroic efforts to save sailors who got stranded in the sea after their vessel got shipwrecked. We recalled these events and wrote sentences to explain what happened. We are really looking forward to writing our Grace Darling biographies next week.


We have been learning to subtract a 1-digit number from a 2-digit number crossing tens this week. We have explored a variety of methods but found the 'jumping back to the nearest 10' method very efficient.


Friday 19th November 2021 

Anti-Bullying Week

We have been wearing odd socks all week to celebrate being different. We have also been thinking about kind words and ways in which we can be kind to others.

Children in Need

We 'got our Strictly on' today and came to school dressed in a smart or sparkly outfit, or scruffy if we preferred. We found out who our donations could help and learned how to draw Pudsey Bear.

English & History

We have really enjoyed learning all about Henry Winstanley this week. We have found out that he was a famous engineer who designed and built the first offshore lighthouse, the Eddystone Lighthouse back in 1699. We have mapped and written a biogrpahy about him. 

This week we have been learning to add and subtract tens, add by making ten first, and add a 1-digit number to a 2-digit number finding the nearest ten to help crossing tens. We have found using manipulatives very useful to help with the tricky parts. Our number bonds to 10 have helped us with all our lessons this week.


We have learned how to control a paint brush to create different strokes. We drew a lighthouse and used our newly learned control to paint the lighthouse, making sure we stayed within our pencil liens. 


Week ending 12th November 2021 

We have had fun taking part in Maths Week this week. We enjoyed a virtual lesson and enjoyed the story of "Cuthbert sees double" and then we played the game "double it" using dice. We then painted some beautiful doubling creatures and trees and write the accompanying calculations . We investigated all the possibilities when taking on the '3 Block Challenge) We have also enjoyed listening to some Maths stories which related to climate change in keeping with COP26 taking place this month. 

In English, we are starting a new unit learning how to write biographies. We're going to be learning about Henry Winstanley and Grace Darling in History and writing about their lives.

In Science, we have learnt the names of all our body parts and discussed which body part relates to which sense.

We also joined in with Armistice Day - the children took part in the 2 minutes silence very respectfully. We have learnt what Remembrance Day is all about and the significance of poppies. The children really enjoyed watching the Poppies animation (see below) as part of our whole class guided reading session and discussing how the rabbits felt at different points in the story. The children had some lovely ideas predicting what the rabbit might have said and been feeling.

Reminders for next week:
Anti-bullying week begins - remember you can wear odd socks all week to show your participation.
Next Friday 19th November is Children in Need - remember you can come dressed sparkly, smart or scruffy!

Poppies Animation for remembrance

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Friday 5th November 

We've had a firework themed week in Kingsand Class this week and have been busy writing our own firework acrostic poems.

In Maths, we have been focusing on finding number bonds to 10 and then their related facts to 100. For example: 3 + 2 = 5 so we know 30 + 20 = 50

In Science, we've been learning about animals - the 5 different types - mammals, reptiles, birds, amphibians and fish. We've discussed similarities and differences between the types of animals and also learnt which animals are carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

We're also enjoyed the story - The Paperbag Prince, the illustrations are so beautifully detailed and left us mesmerised.

We're looking forward to Maths Week next week! 

Remember to do Activity 8 in your maths homework books this week, ready to hand in on Friday.

Enjoy watching any fireworks tonight for bonfire night and remember to stay safe!



Week ending 22nd October 2021 

Happy Half term everyone! You've all worked incredibly hard this term. Well done for all you have achieved!

In English this week, we have written our a poem about Kingsand and planned and written our own Beach acrostic poems. Take a look below at some of them.

In Maths, we have been mastering fact families, checking calculations and comparing calculations. We are looking forward to number bonds to 100 after half term. 

In Computing, we have been learning how we use Information Technology and the ways that we keep safe on devices. 

Enjoy a lovely restful half term holiday.

See you back on Tuesday 2nd November! (Remember 1st November is an INSET day so you do not need to be in school.)

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Friday 15th October 2021 


We have been learning all about acrostic poems this week. We started by writing acrostic poems using our names as the theme. We had some really lovely poems and we learned new things about each other from what we wrote. We have been exploring different types of words such as nouns, adjectives and powerful verbs. We found these words in our WAGOLL poem too. We also learned the Beach Poem with actions. 


This week in Maths we finished our learning about place value by counting in twos, fives, tens and the rather tricky threes. We also began our new unit, which is addition and subtraction. We have learned about fact families and how there are actually 8 facts in a fact family. 


We have had great fun learning all about Information Technology that can be found in our homes, at school and inside and outside. We have been thinking about what we would do without IT and decided that there are lots of fun things we can do with our friends and families if we didn't have devices. We also looked at the benefits of IT and found it very interesting when we tried to be the 'scanner', 'till' and 'computer in a supermarket. We found that we were much slower than the IT found in supermarkets! We decided that IT is really great for specific jobs but the human brain can do many more things than supermarket IT.

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An amazing Science show - Exploding food! 

We have enjoyed an amazing Science show this week, given by The Royal Institution. We learned all about how our digestive system works and how our sense of taste and smell helps us to taste different flavours. We learnt the names of the parts of the digestive system, which foods give our bodies energy and saw how our bodies digest foods with lots of fun experiments. It has inspired everyone to become more excited about Science.

Here are some our Year 2 Reactions!
"I didn't know Science could be so fun!"
"That was a big explosion!"
"I liked the mentos in the coke."
"I liked it when she blew the tube and made the flames - it looked like she was breathing out fire!"

Take a look at some of the photos from the session below. If you want to see more amazing science experiments - check out The Royal Institution's Experimental: Bringing Science home videos on their website:

Experimental: Bringing Science home

Here's a fun video to watch! You can have a go at home!

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Friday 1st October 2021 


This week in English was have created our own class version of the 'Mrs Armitage and the Big Wave' story.  Our humorous story is called 'Mrs Armitage and the Huge Snow Storm'. We used adjectives to create great descriptions of the items she collects throughout the story. Everyone put in a lot of effort writing their stories and we are all looking forward to planning our own individual versions next week.


This week we have been partitioning numbers in a variety of ways, adding with tens and ones and have just begun comparing using inequality symbols. 


In Art this week we have been learning how to shade using different grades of pencils and different pressures. We can now made objects appear more 3D. We really enjoyed evaluating each others artwork. 

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