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Home Learning Grid 18.1.21 

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House points for this term! 


A Virtual Tour of Year 3 and 4 

As we’re nearing the end of this term, we thought you might like to see some of the wonderful displays of work that the children have helped to produce.


O my goodness... 

Constantine Tops the League...again!

Well, I know it's rather rude to boast but the amazing mathematicians in our class have been hard at work on their maths skills with Ed Shed and once again have won the rosette for the whole school!

A special well done to our top scorer, Brooke Wyecroft...


Maths Learning Jigsaw 

Our current maths topic...

This is what we are currently learning in maths (those objectives in pink are recap lessons).


Shock News! 

Wolf visits Year 4

This week's English featured a visit by a wolf, not just any wolf but a kind, thoughtful one who'd apparently been tricked by an unkind little girl called Felicity Fur Hood in Coombe Woods!

Now the children will write their own traditional stories with a rather strange twist in the tail (tale)

Ask them to tell you all about it...


Winter Wonderland 

Working in a Winter Wonderland...

As we are unable to invite anyone in to Hunt the Issy this year, we thought you might like to see our classroom decorations which are beginning to feel rather festive.
This week we've also been working on a window design for Saltash Guildhall (for this weekend) so we've not done our Constantine windows yet but watch this space...


Look at what we are learning in English... 

At Brunel, we always begin our new English topic by sharing the learning journey to come. This maps out the learning for the children so that they know what is coming and what their end goal and purpose in writing is.

It is also useful for looking back to use knowledge that we have learnt to aid writing. We thought that it would be useful to share the learning journey with parents so that you can also see the steps in your child’s learning and the journey that they go on.


Top of the League 

Top of the League

As a Bristol Rovers supporter, it's not often (if ever...)that I'm able to make an announcement such as this:

Last Friday, Constantine class were top of the Ed Shed Maths League ( for the whole school) and were the proud recipients of a magnificent rosette, presented by our very own Maths Co-ordinator, Mrs Swabey.

Well done, Constantine and many congratulations too to our top scorer!


Science Explosion 

Volcanic Eruption Hits Constantine

We all enjoyed a little 'messy science' again this week, when we made a volcano erupt.

Although it was rather cold outside, it was lots of fun and afterwards we were able to relate this to our science topic about 'Solids, Liquids and Gases', as we tried to work out why this had happened!

We love science!


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Our Values...



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We are the best we can be.



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We overcome all barriers to reach our potential, developing a capacity to improve further.



We are passionate about learning.

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