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To the moon and back...

In the name of science, design technology and art

we have been recreating the surface of the moon.  We started with simple wire frames that, with a fair bit of cross bracing, we managed to make quite sturdy and stable.  We covered these frames with papier mache and added craters to the surface.  We then paid close attention to decorating our models.  We focused on the how light travels through space and used this knowledge to replicate the shadows overt he surface of the moon and in and around the craters.

Travelling to the moon and back is no mean feat, hence the well earned break.  Have a great Easter break Cawsand, your post lockdown efforts have been amazing.  

Thank you,

Mr Knight & Mrs McNeil.



A week of looking forward and looking back!

This week, we have been looking back at, and have been discussing, Holy Week and the Easter story and using this to expand and better understand our ever increasing vocabulary.  Having reflected on the meanings of sacrifice, incarnation, resurrection and salvation, we created art works to reflect our thoughts on these words, as they are used in the Easter Story.  Many of us chose pastels as our medium of choice, using some carefully blending of colours used to add impact.  Others created some colourful pieces of art using a collage of hands.


We have completed our science fiction stories in which we have been flung 100 years into the future!  Here we have met, robots, discovered automated travel pods,  seen near silent flying cars and even met members of own family sometimes, our own children.  We have been studying the peoples changing ideas about the stars from the cave paintings of earliest man, through the Egyptians and then up to date with today's  post Hubble telescope modern thoughts on the Cosmos. 

A bad hair day has been a great way to round of the week. We have seen unfinished hair cuts, big hair, multi coloured hair, a great many lopsided pony tails in strange places and one very spotty head.

Looking forward to our not to distant future, in class next week, we have a great deal to look forward to.  Geography outside, cricket and asteroids...



First week back puts Cawsand in a spin.

Wow.  it has been amazing to see how much we can achieve when the whole class is here working together, wow.

There were a lot of happy, smiling faces coming in through the gates on Monday morning, smiles that only got wider when they saw their friends.  

A busy week has focussed on getting back into the swing of learning, (Mr K included), a challenge to which we have responded to admirably.  We have enjoyed science week which has had a light based theme and we have made sundials, double sided spinners and kaleidoscopes. 

In English, children have brought their lockdown planning in from home and we have been drafting our Sci-Fi stories.  During maths, we've have been developing our skills with protractors and compasses, drawing, triangles and 2d nets for 3d shapes.

It has been amazing to see children collaborating again, questioning each other, supporting their frineds and learning together.

Well done Cawsand.



Some things are just not what they seem...

World Book Day.

World book day saw a number of potatoes transform into recognisable children's characters with Gangster Granny making more than the odd appearance.  One potato scene remains unrecognised.  It's below if you'd  like to guess!

We also looked at shadows in an effort to dispel Moon landing conspiracy theories.  We found that shadows can look to be both parallel and converging, depending on your point of view.

Meteor & Meteorites.

We recreated impacts on the moon surface to better understand how the great many craters on the moon are made.  Using various rocks of differing sizes, we dropped them into flour looked for patterns in the ejecta.  The patterns were particularly clear when we topped the flour with cocoa powder.  We now know that these craters are made by meteorites, not meteors.

A literary classic, recreated in potato.  According to some, this is the 3rd best book ever written in the English language!  Happy Guessing.



World Book Day Quiz - with prizes!

Can you guess the Secret Reader? There are 37 - yes, 37! - members of staff hidden behind their books!

This is seriously tricky stuff but there will be prizes!

Even more of a treat, is that if you click on each picture, you will be taken to an online reading of the story, some activities or a linked video!

Hand in your entries by Friday 12th March for a chance of a prize!

Quiz and entry form below... Good luck!

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What a difference the Sun makes!

We've been getting quite in to Joe Wicks...

Getting motivated in the morning can be a little tricky for some of us (not always the children!), but a little Joe Wicks in the sun certainly puts a smile on our faces.    We've been planking, doing push-ups, running on the spot and sometimes, just dancing.

Learning science facts in French.

We have consolidated some of our solar system facts whilst leaning the French for Les Planètes.  We have used some online resources to help us practice our pronunciation and we've also created orrery to show how the La Lune moves La Terre and how these move around Le soleil.

Tricky maths

Possibly our trickiest maths so far with over 100 angles to find on a sheet where to start with the only fact we had to start with was the right angle in a square.  A copy of the challenge is attached if you have some spare time over the weekend!

Maths is all around..

Except when its and angle and in particular, a right angle with the challenge being, how many right angles can you make with just two sticks?

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Cawsand Cake-off, a virtual success.

We are truly mastering learning with Teams,

so much so, that even a cake cooking competition holds no bars for Team Cawsand.  We have had many entries, cup cakes, chocolate cakes and some of the stickiest cakes you could possibly imagine.  Having voted for the best looking cake via Teams, the most popular four are pictured here.  The wining entry was from TJ and is the chocolate extravaganza picture above.  It appears to be a chocolate cake, sandwiched together with chocolate, iced in chocolate and then, just for good measure, a large amount of chocolate has been piled on top.  A big thank you for all the parents who helped with these fantastic creations, or at the very least, thankyou for all the cleaning up afterwards.

The cup song game.


We are attempting to master the cup song game over the half term.  We are looking forward to see how Cawsand pupils and their  families get on with this challenge.  In class we have been practicing this in a round with each person passing a cup to the right.  Very hectic, but we managed to keep up with each other.

Half term PE Bingo Challenge.

In an effort to get everyone away from the screen and keyboard and enjoying the fresh air, there are a number of PE challenges for you to enjoy.  There are a few prizes for the the most complete bingo boards.  Don't forget to send in some pictures and we'd love to see the task that you invent for yourself.

Hopefully, PE challenge may be a welcome way of burning off some of those cake-off calories.

Have a great half term and see you all on Tuesday,

Mr Knight.

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Cawsand Class see the light,

through very tiny holes!

We have been investigating light, stars and constellations this week.

Cawsand investigated how light travels in straight lines and in order to do this, we lined up pieces of hole punched card.  With a large bulb as a light source, our record was 8 pieces of card in a row- whilst still being able to see light shine through all the inline holes.

Whilst considering stars as a source of light, we have looked at the constellations in the night sky and in what direction we need to face to be able to find our chosen constellation.  It has been a good way to practice our compass knowledge and if you'd like a challenge, by knowing that the sun 'rises in the east as sets in the west', with nothing more than a watch face and sight of the sun, you should be able to accurately find in which compass direction you are facing.  

We have looked closely Orion the Hunter with its stars Betelgeuse and Rigel, in preparation for the Star Count week.

Between the 6-14 February we have suggested that the children look to take part in the Start Count. The Countryside Charity website ( has all the information about the week long activity which looks to monitor the levels of light pollution around the UK.  They do all the hard work and number crunching, you just have to count that stars visible around Orion.  Hot Chocolate and wrapping up warm is recommended, but please do also take pictures and send them in.

Enjoy your weekend,

Mr Knight.



Cawsand creates a Big Bang at Brunel.

Cawsand created a big bang at Brunel, but only through the use of augmented reality.  With the use of an app created by CERN we were able to travel back some 13.8 billion years and view the big bang.  Not only did we see the big bang, but we were able to walk around in side it and chase around newly formed particles such as electron and neutrinos.  This was in contrast to the creation story we studied last week and looked at the of evolution formulated by Charles Darwin.  Interestingly this led to lots a flamingo drawing as we traced there possible evolution and a giraffe dissection for the not so feint hearted!

                                                                                   Problems, problems, problems.

We have also been discussing the state of the world and the problems it faces.  With the obvious dealt with,  we looked at some of the problem we would like to sure.  there were a great many high profile problems that may have been forgotten recently, or put to one side.  Cawsand however managed to hit on a wide range of problems they'd like to end.  Plastic pollution, racism, greed and want to name but a few.  This is something we will reflect on further as we enter Children's Mental Health week beginning on Monday with afternoon assembly.

Highlights for next week.
The Cornwall School virtual games is back on next and more info will follow.
Thursday we will be looking at stargazing and considering just exactly are we looking at.  We will be needing toilet roll tubes, or similar, for this project...
In maths we will be looking at angles so I will apologise now for any children are taking pictures at home and leaving cupboard doors open.

Mr Knight.  


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Vet Eats Meat Jelly Sandwiches.

Sometimes it is difficult to think of a title for these posts, but as I always say to the class, the title often presents its self during the writing process.  As was the case here.  We have been working this week, on alien newspaper stories.  Creating a headline that catches a readers eye, has been part of our focus.   The title for this post comes from the mnemonic created to help remember the names of the planets. My Vet Eats Meat Jelly Sandwiches Under Newspaper.  This was brilliant and did make me laugh, although I am a little old school and am a touch disappointed that we can no longer add Probably at the end!

Baby Yoda pays a visit.

We have complete a Baby Yoda challenge in class and have launched this to out friends at home.  In class, we have started a display of our 'Lockdown' work produced both in school and at home and we are encouraging children to send in, via teams, all that they do and create at home.  We are becoming more and more proficient at using Teams, sharing our work and using it support our learning and the learning of our friends.

It is great seeing our class grow online.  We look forward to sharing more of what do both here and during our online learning.

Mr Knight & Mrs McNeil.


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