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A fantastic time has been had by all...

As you can see from the pictures, we have been enjoying some truly varied learning both at home and at school.

We have created the phases of the moon using biscuits.  We've created some super art including a some dark looking space art and I had a lovely watercolour from Riley based on the creation story.  We are earning certificates and these will be ready for collection from school when we are back.
A guide for next weeks leaning has been uploaded which also lists next week's spellings.

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Online learning.

Well done Cawsand.  The first week of Lockdown 3.0 completed with a great big tick.  We are at the start of a steep learning curve, discovering how to log on, upload, edit and turn in work- all online.   What has impressed us most is how you have shared tips and advice with your friends about how to complete the tasks set and work with the technology - thank you.  We are sure it will get easier as we progress and as we challenge ourselves.  

Thank you also to our parents and carers who are battling, not only with their own schedules, but who are also now helping to complete tasks and find resources whilst being IT & technology gurus - thank you. 

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to seeing you Monday morning via Teams.

Thanks again to all,

Mr Knight and Mrs McNeil

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Merry Christmas Cawsand and a Happy New Year.

What a busy week!  We have, made our own Christmas music video,  hunted the Izzy, made cards, enjoyed the gym, worked on maths fractions and have been writing about little Red Riding Hood.  We are super proud of all your efforts this term and you also should be proud of all you have achieved.  Next term - Space!

Below is the link to our virtual Christmas concert, you may need to copy this into your own browser.  Please do enjoy it, but remember it not to be shared or re-posted etc. on social media.!~OMSelectionMarkerEnd~  

Have a fantastic Christmas and see you all soon.

Mr Knight and Mrs McNeil.



English lessons in Cawsand.

This week, we have been writing about the Titanic disaster.  Having researched the disaster the previous week, we have created non chronological reports.  Next week, we will begin to look at our next writing project, Little Red Riding Hood.  We will base our work on the traditional tale, but we might get the chance to add a little twist!


What a week! 

On Wednesday the 11th, at 11am, we observed a 2 minutes silence, lest we forget.

Contrast Poem Recital

We shared some amazing contrast poem.  We were awash with antonyms and, having viewed some professional poetry recitals, we enjoyed a number of recitals that engaged the audience with their physicality.

And to finish the week off, cake. Congratulations Cawsand.  10,000 points achieved and cake enjoyed.


Competition time! 

A fantastic and creative week for Team Cawsand.  We have been practising our water colour techniques.  This will help us produce one, whole class picture, to represent Amelia Earhart.  

We have also been testing different materials for creating a 'paper' aeroplane.  Next week we will be testing differing paper aeroplane designs.  In addition to our class design investigations, we will also run an optional 'create your own paper Aeroplane' homework.  You many some or all of the materials listed below to create a paper aeroplane.  

The competition will have three categories.
1.  Design (the more unique, the better).
2.  Distance flown.
3.  Time aloft.

Materials from: 
  • A4 card x 4 sheets.
  • A4 paper x 3 sheets.
  • Paper straw x 2
  • Paperclip x 2
  • Stickytac x 5g
  • Gluestick, or similar.

For those that wish to take part, good luck.  Don't forget, maths homework is on  Look at our position in the league.

Mr K.



Our first week done!

Hopefully, everyone had an enjoyable first week back at Brunel and in Cawsand Class. 

We have started our new topic, 'Why cross the Atlantic?' And we have been out on the playground using our compass point knowledge to navigate.  Everyone now has a reading book and reading record.  Children will keep these 'safe' in their desk and although they will be periodically reviewed, they won't handled/written in by anyone else at school.  It remains important that reading continues at least 5 times a week.

Times Tables and '99 club' have now started again and I look forward to seeing the everyone making speedy progress through the levels.

Have a good weekend,

Mr Knight



Welcome Team Cawsand

Welcome back Team Cawsand, the class of 2021.
Mrs McNeil and I are looking forward to a fun 1st week back with you all.  A good week getting used to our new normal and revisiting some of school routines.  If you don't already have them, there are a couple of documents below with some useful information about Upper KS2 and also, about me!
See you soon,
Mr Knight

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